Want to go to court with China?After being rejected by the International Skating Federation, the Korean Olympic Committee will continue to Sue

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games have been held as scheduled, and related events are in full swing.However, when the spotlight is on, there will always be some incidents. As in the past Olympic Games, Winter Olympics and other sports events, there will always be some fouls and fraud.Skaters from South Korea and Hungary were disqualified for foul play and yellow cards in the semifinals of the 1,000m short-track speed skating at the Winter Olympics on Sunday night.Both the South Korean and Hungarian teams appealed to the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation, but both were rejected and the decisions upheld.On February 8, the South Korean Olympic Committee (IOC) was defiant, calling it an “unfair decision” and saying they would take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).But is this really how the South Korean team portrayed it?Apparently not, the video of the match has clearly recorded the Foul behavior of the Korean players.The video showed south Korean skater Hwang Dae-heon violating the rules several times during the semifinal and causing “physical contact.”After the South Korean team complained, the referee and video referee reviewed the matter again and upheld the decision.Clearly, a violation is a violation, the live video can not be faked, the referee is impartial and not favouritism, and the South Korean team can not take advantage of the loopholes, continue their tradition of cheating.And it is worth mentioning that we, as the host country, have done South Korea a great deal of credit because the rules of application of the tournament do not allow appeals against disqualification or non-disqualification of an official for any violation of the rules of the tournament.To put it simply, if a South Korean player is punished for violating the rules, the South Korean team cannot appeal, and even if they do appeal, relevant personnel and departments can ignore it.In other words, we’ve done it on a human scale.On the other hand, it is a disgrace for South Korea to raise its voice and insult others when it is clearly wrong.That’s not surprising, though, as South Korea has a track record of doing so in previous sporting events.I believe you still remember the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea four years ago, in which Our athletes were excluded at the home of South Korea.In just a few days of competition, our short track team was sentenced to 8 violations, and the basic are visible bias and misjudgment.For example, Han Tianyu, a Chinese player, was in the lead and sliding state in the game, and finally was the first group to successfully cross the line, but the referee suddenly jumped out, inexplicably sentenced Han Tianyu foul, to cancel his result.Another player we are familiar with, Wu Dajing, also saw the Obvious advantage of the South Korean players on their home court.Wu dajing was knocked out of the court by a South Korean in the semifinals of the 1,500m and was also found guilty of a violation in the men’s 1,000m quarterfinals of short track speed skating.These issues have long been controversial, and South Korea’s so-called sportsmanship has long been questioned and criticized.In other competitions, The South Korean athletes were just as prone to gamesmanship, and it would have been hard to explain if our live footage had not been enough.It is worth mentioning that The Chinese team won the gold medal in the 2000-meter relay final of the short-track speed skating mixed team in the Winter Olympic Games.Wu Dajing, who had been targeted by the South Korean judges, skated the last leg in the relay.The commentary and related professionals all spoke highly of Wu dajing and the Chinese athletes, but perhaps more impressive was the fact that we deserved to win the gold medal cleanly.However, it should be noted that South Korea is still in the foul penalty of its players on the issue of persistent, even many South Korean netizens on social networks malicious flood, attacking China’s player Wu Dajing.In response to the situation, Chinese Internet users immediately launched a counter-attack, setting off a “guardian of the great Peace” upsurge on the Internet.As for the Korean Olympic Committee’s bold statement that they will Sue us at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, they can come.The right and wrong have long been judged, not to mention the referee and video have confirmed the violation of South Korean player Hwang Dae-heon, I am afraid that even the audience can distinguish the true and false.Moreover, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation issued a statement when rejecting South Korea’s complaint, clearly pointing out that South Korea’s foul is indisputable fact and the penalty is justified.If they still want to split the difference in this matter, or they want to throw dirty water on our athletes, judges and related systems, we will fight to the end.It’s not easy to come back to your country and play on clean ice.As for those who want to cheat, through foul to destroy the fairness of sports events, came to the home of China must put away all kinds of small thoughts, a dignified life, a dignified game is wise.If you still don’t understand, I believe that the athletes of our country don’t mind giving them a good lesson with their strength.