Zelensky expands, Biden approves more troops, And Germany loses out in Ukraine

2022-06-16 0 By

Problem of tense in Ukraine, Ukraine’s President, jersey, develop a plan of the summer of 100000, Ukraine has long been an put hope on NATO, so there is no large-scale military buildup, until January 2022, Ukraine’s President, ze even realized, Ukraine has become a pawn,Announced because the United States and NATO are not deployed troops in the Ukraine, Ukraine’s President for this jersey has the attitude of 180 – degree shift, jersey, claimed that the west is in rendering the risk of “invasion” of Ukraine, Russia has billions of dollars of foreign investment during the evacuated from Ukraine, for Ukraine caused a huge shock.The relations between Russia and Ukraine since 2014 into the trough, the Crimean joined the Russian federation, and at the same time in eastern Ukraine, bath area are also in the independent state, in the face of the current situation of Russian military power far beyond Ukraine, Ukraine has joined NATO as a “lifeline”, therefore also has carried on the military reform in accordance with the standards of NATO,This is to make it easier to join NATO.202202041/ Aviation Vision /AZ, although the NATO secretary General has accepted Ukraine’s application to join NATO, it will be a very long process before Ukraine actually joins NATO, because there are many interests in the game.Germany’s foreign minister has made it clear that now is not the time to discuss Ukraine joining NATO.The President of the United States, speaking at the White House to welcome the New Year, approved plans to send an additional 8,500 troops to Eastern Europe, according to earlier reports, leaving a surplus of American troops to deploy after the withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan.The United States has had a permanent military presence in Europe since The end of World War II, as well as rotations of various services in Europe to improve overall readiness.The United States has begun the permanent deployment of f-35A Lightning II fighter jets to Europe, according to a U.S. Air Force release. The Lekenheath air Base in the United Kingdom is the first overseas permanent deployment of the F-35A Lightning II.After several rounds of negotiations between the United States and Russia, the United States announced that it would send more troops to Eastern Europe. Before that, the Two sides had not reached any agreement. Russia put forward three demands, including stopping THE eastward expansion of NATO;Banning the deployment of offensive weapons near Russia;NATO’s military facilities are to be restored to their 25-year condition.In the face of Russia’s demands, the United States and NATO have clearly refused, and the United States has announced a new surge of troops, which shows that the United States will continue to fire, the negotiations with Russia is just a cover, and the Purpose of the United States is to plunge Europe into chaos.Germany is the backbone of the European Union. Germany and France have driven the economic development of the European Union, especially Germany.After the emergence of the euro zone, it broke the status of the dollar as a major currency. The emergence of the euro made the United States feel panic, so the United States has been suppressing the euro, including trying to split the European Union.The United States is trying to use NATO’s white glove to create chaos in Ukraine, so as to hurt the economic development of Europe. It can drag down Russia at the same time, but also hit the European Union, among which Germany is the most injured.In the face of the US conspiracy, Germany and Russia have a clear understanding, from the Statement of the German Foreign Minister can be seen, Germany does not favor a direct confrontation with Russia.Through the integration of the European Union, Germany won numerous advantages in economic development, at the same time the European national unity, and unwanted unity of Europe, the United States is therefore spare no efforts to curb the eu, the British withdrawal from the eu, the United States is also a very disgraceful role, throughout the United States did not take the eu as a friend, but for the German are so,The United States is now trying to create tension by playing up the Ukraine issue.