An episode on the first day of “Reporter’s Note”

2022-06-17 0 By

On the eve of New Year’s Eve, the closed-loop mode of the Beijing Winter Olympics began.The entry point is fujian Mansion of the media contract hotel.A blue barrier separates the building from the outside world, completely sealed off.Several staff learned that the reporter is to stay, checked the health treasure, nucleic acid, vaccines, travel cards and other materials, with a walkie-talkie notice out of reception.Cars can’t go in, they can’t go in as workers outside the ring, the hotel staff inside can’t go out the door.The staff outside the ring unlocked the chain and I pulled my luggage into the quarantine area by myself, while the hotel receptionist pulled a baggage cart to help me load my luggage.This busy, busy error, big moved in, a small bag pulled the car, which is filled with registration documents and money.Naturally, I didn’t feel it at that time. I was shocked to find it when I needed to swipe my card to pay the deposit after registration. I thought it was lost.Call the colleague who saw me off. I’m relieved to hear it’s in the car.It’s a simple idea. Just ask him to drive you back.Just walked to the isolation door, was stopped by the staff, can not go to the isolation door is the inner ring outside the boundary, strictly prohibited to enter.Hurry to explain the situation, the money is easy, the key documents in the bag, can not get the words, not become “before the beginning of the dead body”.The staff contacted me for instructions, and the comrade in charge of security told me, don’t worry, we have procedures, there is a special channel to deal with, goods can not come in directly from here, just go back and wait, the front desk will inform.All right, that’s a good time to test the nucleic acid.At present, there are not many people staying in the hotel. Nucleic acid testing is very fast, and the testing personnel are very enthusiastic about the daily testing time from 6 a.m.00 to 21:00, make sure you don’t forget, or you won’t be able to leave the hotel the next day.Found that the bag is not to the staff for help, also more than ten minutes, was sent back by colleagues of the small bag returned to my hand.It was a little scary to almost have an accident on the first day of entering the ring. Fortunately, it became a story, so let’s ease the tension.This incident did not affect the rhythm of the first day into the ring, things went smoothly.It took only 15 minutes to get to the main media center by media shuttle bus, and everything was very smooth, including id activation, media pack collection, and network testing.Saw the advance into the ring of colleagues and media counterparts, understand the situation, but also by Hong Kong TVB reporters caught to do an interview, talk about Beijing to become the city of double Olympic feeling, this asked our strengths, said a lot of…….The Beijing Winter Olympics will begin in five days.Looking forward to nearly 7 years, in order to Beijing Winter Olympics, year also not at home, calculate has contributed to the Winter Olympics three Spring Festival reunion.Well, what a joy to enjoy the Olympic Games.Beijing Winter Olympics, here I am.Source: Beijing sports | reporter Yuan Hongheng process editor: TF021