Chinese allusions: the world pull deer car dragon jialong allusions, do you know a few?

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The eastern Han Dynasty bao Xuan was very poor but studious. His teacher was so surprised that he married his daughter and prepared a large dowry for her.Bao Xuan said to his wife, “I am a poor man, and I am unworthy.”His wife then returned all the clothes, wearing only a short cloth dress, and bao Xuan together to pull the deer cart back to the village.See “book of the Later Han. Lienv biography. Bao Xuan’s wife” records.Later, it was used as an allusion to the poor life of husband and wife.Qing. Yuan Mei in “with the garden poetry” in the third volume of records: “Yi Ying after the heart should be light, mo again human deer car.”Dragon concubines: In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Huang Shang and Li Ying both married the daughters of the commander Huan Yan. As Huang Shang and Li Ying were both outstanding figures in their time, people envied the fact that both daughters of the Zhi family were as good as Binglong in marriage.See Tang Xu Jian “beginner learn to record. Scale medium department” in record.Later, it was used to praise sons-in-law, and also used as a reputation for other people’s sons-in-law.Song. Anonymous in the “Apricot flower day” wrote: “Stop to see the color moving door railing joy.I have a good husband.”Also known as “dragon son-in-law”, “dragon”.Pu Songling wrote in “Liaozhai Zhiyi Hu” : “Because the west side of the east bed, qin and Jin marriage several battlefields;Phrase transfer before the interpretation, the dragon son-in-law in the wall.”Song. Ge Changgeng “Qinyuan Spring eleven” in the writing: “female dragon, Jin Gong across the tiger film long knot between big also.”