Donghu comment: “China red” + “ice and Snow White”, make the future more exciting

2022-06-17 0 By

Beijing Winter Olympic Games is in full swing, this winter Olympic Games with our Chinese nation during the two traditional festivals happen to meet: Spring Festival, yuanxiao.These two festivals have a long history in China’s traditional culture, and are full of good meaning: renewal of everything and family reunion.”China red” and “ice and Snow White” show the vitality of scientific and technological innovation.On and off the field of The Beijing Winter Olympics, “Made in China” shone brilliantly under the world spotlight. With numerous innovative scientific and technological achievements, the whole process provided a strong guarantee and power for the Games, making the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” a major highlight of this Winter Olympics.Sinotruk development. Our country’s first has fully independent intellectual property rights intelligent snow wax car, in the absence of technical experts to guide, no drawings query, no real vehicle reference conditions, only 11 months, to achieve a perfect 24 technology breakthrough and integration of innovative design highlights, declare 79 patents, refresh the “China first, world class, full domestic” new height.During the Winter Olympics, “robot chefs” at smart restaurants can cook Chinese and Western dishes, “Baymax robots” can make master-level hand-brewed coffee, and robotic arms can make cocktails that mimic human bartenders.These robots full of science and technology showed a high level of intelligence and automation, many competitors through the punch and eat broadcast way to express the winter Olympics intelligent technology to bring surprise, also let foreign netizens witness the “science and technology Winter Olympics” high-tech content.”China red” + “ice white” show the charm of Chinese culture.As a Chinese saying goes, “Civilizations are enriched by exchanges and mutual learning.”When the Winter Olympics meet happy Spring Festival, reunion yuanxiao, watching the race has become the “standard” of the whole first month of the Year of Yin tiger.At the same time, the Chinese people also encounter a god-given opportunity to pass on and develop their traditional culture to the people of the world, and promote the community of mankind for common development and coexistence.To the mascot “ice dun dun” for example, its prototype is China’s well-known cultural elements – panda, simple and honest lovely, natural lovely, meat dudu like a mobile version of the “meaty”, instant powder countless, set off a buying upsurge.Pandas are honest, gentle and friendly. They represent the harmony culture that Has been passed down for thousands of years in China.The panda has only black and white, black and white, representing that the Chinese people insist on their position in front of the big right and wrong, and will not yield to any forces.Pandas eat mainly bamboo, which represents the Chinese people’s modesty, integrity and stability. It also indicates the future of China’s rising and thriving.The “Bing Dwen Dwen” diplomacy has once again promoted the two-way exchanges between Chinese culture and the cultures of the world.”China red” and “ice, snow and white” demonstrate our responsibility as a major country.The IOC has made it clear that the Olympic Movement should fully promote the cause of global sustainable development and environmental protection.In this Winter Olympics, China perfectly combined the Olympic spirit with “green” and “environmental protection”, which truly embodied the principles of green, low-carbon and sustainable development.From the lighting of the torch, “no ignition” instead of “lit”, “small fire” instead of burning fire, the green Olympic concept of low carbon, environmental protection, also represents the growth of China in the past 100 years is “a spark can start a prairie fire”.At the same time, the small torch and different national names of the ice ling flower composition of one, implying that under the warmth of the fire, everything can be resolved, together as a whole.The fusion of fire and ice is not only a reflection of the current world situation, but also a hope for the integration of the world in the future.Author: Wan Daihong