Home appliances hotspot of the week: Haier Zhijia released 2021 annual report/the implementation of the first laser TV industry standard

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Focusing on hot topics in the industry, what happened in the home appliance circle this week?China’s first laser TV industry standard will be implemented on April 1, which will further promote the healthy and orderly development of laser TV industry.Haier Zhijia released 2021 annual report, revenue, profits hit a new high!Boss electric appliances held 2022 China new kitchen technology new conference, bringing a new generation of high-performance integrated stove, ultra-thin range hood, the creator set of refrigerators and other new products;In the first two months of 2022, the accumulated omni-channel retail sales of air fryers reached 1.20 billion yuan.News: Haier Intelligence released its 2021 annual report on the evening of March 30.The annual report shows that Haier Zhijia achieved revenue of 227.556 billion yuan in 2021, reducing the impact of Kaos business, with a year-on-year growth of 15.8%, sustained double-digit high growth, and good endogenous business growth;The net profit returned to the parent was 13.067 billion yuan, up 47.1% year on year. The profit growth exceeded the revenue growth, and the profitability continued to improve.Net cash flow from operating activities was 23.130 billion yuan, up 31.4% year on year, and net profit cash content was 1.75 billion yuan.Among them, overseas and high-end performance was impressive. Overseas operating profit increased by 48.1%, which was much higher than revenue growth.Casady’s revenue reached 12.9 billion yuan, up more than 40% year on year, marking five consecutive years of double-digit growth.Comments: Under the influence of many factors such as rising raw material prices, repeated epidemic, rising sea freight and so on, Haier Zhijia has realized effective response through forward-looking strategic layout, continuously reduced cost and improved efficiency, and increased both revenue and profit.The performance exceeds expectations, showing that Haier zhi family single integration transformation results and speed up.Haier Zhijia has fully implemented smart family, achieving a record high in revenue and operating profit. In the era of rapid development of Internet of Things, Haier Zhijia will continue to implement smart family strategy to meet users’ pursuit of a better life.We wait and see for the future development and achievements of Haier Zhijia!New event: China’s first laser TV industry standard, released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will be officially implemented on April 1.The standard was drafted by 25 companies, including The China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, Hisense, Guangfeng, Changhong and TCL.Comments: in recent years, along with the rise of large size consumption focus Yu Dabing market laser TV show advantage and gradually got the attention of consumers, projection, Internet brand and brand color TV brand, rushing into the track industry momentum of development is very rapid, at the same time, the industry standard has been raised.In view of the current market laser TV mixed situation, the standard will be effective norms, the healthy development of the industry is significant, more to guide the development of the industry, consumer purchase and processing consumer disputes to provide standard support.With the implementation of the standard, it will further promote the healthy and orderly development of laser TV industry.Boss appliances held 2022 China new kitchen technology launch new products: on March 30th, the boss product launch new kitchen appliances at 2022 China science and technology, has brought the boss high-performance integrated kitchen appliances new generation, and the boss ultra-thin lampblack machine, large capacity steam baked Fried all-in-one, creator of refrigerators, a decontamination machine new product.Comment on: with “the starting point that lets kitchen of science and technology is higher” be a theme, boss electric appliance is in this new product is released on the meeting roll out new generation of high performance to integrate kitchen product, perfected its to be in the kitchen ecology field comprehensive construction.Behind integrated kitchen fast growth in recent years, industry product quality is uneven, such problems as lack of high-end brands lead, the boss of a new generation of high-performance integrated kitchen pioneering launched 23 ° cant intelligent control system and the new lumen R Angle design, realized the integrated kitchen innovation in such aspects as function, form, while increasing industry manufacturing standards and technical standards,Lead the healthy and orderly development of the industry.At the conference, the main “cold cooking” creator set refrigerator broke through the concept of traditional refrigerator, endowing refrigerator cooking function, to meet the needs of diversified use.As a high-end kitchen electric enterprise, the boss has a comprehensive insight into consumer demand, giving new value to kitchen electric products.From January to February 2022, the accumulated omni-channel retail sales of air fryers reached 1.20 billion Yuan. New Events:According to AVC, in 2021, the omni-channel market scale will reach 15.04 million units and the retail sales will reach 4.38 billion yuan. In january-February 2022, the accumulated omni-channel retail sales of air fryers will reach 1.20 billion yuan, up 148.7% compared with the same period in 2021.Comments: In recent years, driven by the home economy, kitchen appliances have taken the train of rapid development of the industry. In the 618, double 11 and other e-commerce promotion nodes, it is common to see air fryers, egg beaters, electric ovens and other kitchen appliances at the top of the best-selling list.Air fryers, featuring oil-free cooking, convenience and convenience, are favored by contemporary young consumers. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of food made by air fryers, such as poor taste, small capacity and high noise, are often teased by users.Growing in the midst of controversy, the air fryer, as a relatively fast emerging category in recent years, meets the diversified needs of consumers and brings a more convenient and fast use experience for daily cooking.At the same time, there are shortcomings, as user needs continue to evolve, the air fryer will continue to be optimized to meet consumer needs.