Linwei District: urban landscaping beauty of a city spring flowers

2022-06-17 0 By

(Reporter: Wang Lin) The world in April, and the best season to enjoy flowers.Recently, the cold and silence of winter has been swept away in the downtown area. Flowers and green grass are blooming everywhere, whether in the green streets or the park squares, adding bright spring scenery to the city.When the wind blows, the beautiful plum blossom along the green belt of Cangcheng Road in Weinan city opens just right, and the pink flowers bloom in each other’s arms. The elegant fragrance bypassed the treetops, fragrant and remote.In the side, the garden workers are replanting the green belt, the reporter learned that the green cangcheng Road uses micro-terrain elements, with all kinds of plants to create a seven-story landscape landscape effect, in the evergreen trees, the beauty and plum everywhere decorate cangcheng Road is particularly romantic.Citizen Ms Li: now the weather is warm, roadside flowers are open, we walk on the road can smell the smell of flowers, and different sections have different flowers.In recent years, the color of road greening in Weinan city is constantly enriched, and the kinds of flowers are increasing.According to the botanical garden afforestation “4432” execution of work, linwei combines urban gardens and modern gardening, extensive use of micro, micro topography, landscape stone, the ornament such as dry landscape, adding color, density, administrative levels feeling, will dry landscape elements applied in road greening, using the combination of art and landscape plant landscape of the earth, making each road bright course,Ten boutique trails have their own characteristics.Citizen Ms Liu: these years, Weinan changes can be big, you see the roadside crabapple flowers, greening can be good.The quality of people has also been improved. Walking on the road is like walking in a garden.The spring breeze is green everywhere, and flowers bloom like a brocade on the branches.Compared with urban roads, the spring scenery in the city’s dotted parks is even more beautiful.In 沋 river park, the day is blue, water is green, beautiful flowers bloom in branches, river bank on the rows of willow hang filar silk green sash, the color of the leaves grow on the tree than last time to see a few minutes, gradually thick dense green trees dotted with city, citizens have come to the park leisurely walk, enjoy flower pictures, sports fitness, very comfortable to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery.Citizen Yang Fenge: this spring, the scenery is particularly good, looking at the mood is good, everyone’s body also feel relaxed, colorful, everything.Yang Fenge, 71, who lives near 沋 River Park, talks about the changes that have taken place near her home in recent years.Citizen Yang Fenge: in the past, this park was still a grassy beach, a big river, and then it was transformed into the water in the park on both sides. The wooden bridge is very good, and we old wives exercise and dance here all day long. I feel this is very good.沋 River Park planning landscape covers an area of about 1500 mu, mainly including 沋 river park, rubber dam water area and riverside landscape greening three parts, is a set of green landscape, water landscape, lighting landscape and other facilities perfect comprehensive park.Today, it has become an important place for the general public to enjoy leisure and fitness.The reporter learned that, at present, the central city greening with evergreen trees as the main background trees, the formation of seasonal changes, improve the connotation of the urban ecological landscape.At the same time, according to the “4432” model, the practice of “three changes” : leaves to evergreen change, green to color change, garden to horticulture change;With the construction of more than ten parks and squares in the central urban area and the construction of public green space, the per capita green space area in the urban area has been greatly improved and citizens’ happiness has been significantly improved.Citizen Zhang Lihong: The weather is warm, the park this place is particularly attractive to everyone.We kick shuttlecock here, play badminton, dance ballroom dance, grinding legs, grinding waist, feel very good, great.Citizen He Guoxin: The flowers bloom, the trees are green, there are more birds, there are more people, men and women, young and old, children are playing with it.It is understood that in recent years, linwei promote the building of a theme park, implementing urban “under the plan,” the city’s main street and square, park, street greening greening reform, total plant all kinds of flower shrubs more than 20 strains and a variety of flowers and plants nursery stock combination point, line and plane design, the entire flowering since march of each year can continue until November,Strive to achieve a beautiful street, full of flowers in the city pattern.