Night fishing meets the woman cry, is not the most scary, meets the yellow skin catches the chicken is the most scary

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The number of Chinese fishermen is very large, it is said that there are more than 100 million people.Many of these fishermen are lone heroes who enjoy night fishing.They were bold and cautious fellows, who, when night fell, were not afraid of the devil, nor of the road.To sit all night, one by one, beside the lotus pond in bebolin, is the spirit of the fisherman.Although there is no ghost in this world.But the things that scare people to death are never ghosts, but unknown things.My brother was on a night fishing trip when something happened that scared me all my life. Luckily, I’m still alive.In June last year, my brother went fishing in a big sand pit on the recommendation of a friend.My friend said that there were giant things in the sand pit, and he saw a big carp jumping over 40 jin.I didn’t believe him at first, but after two days of fishing in this bunker, I did.Because I caught a large carp more than 20 catties, during this period I also cut a set of 8.0 sub line.So I decided to watch for the big fish again at night, because during the day the roar of the people’s farming machinery was so loud that the big fish did not dare to move aside.So I went from day fishing to night fishing, four nights at a time.But something that I have been afraid of up to now happened strangely on the fifth night.In fact, my brother is naturally bold, and I am an atheist, I am not afraid of demons and ghosts.Nothing in my life has frightened me except the fear of not having money!Let’s take my brother’s night fishing place for example, 50 meters away from my fishing place, is the rural mass graves.I fished for days without fear.But by the fifth night of night fishing, something was wrong.Because in the silence of the night, even the smallest sound can be infinitely amplified.While I was intently watching the float, from time to time there would be a rattling sound behind me.The sound is similar to a sneeze, but much quieter.This sudden sound was so ominous in the night sky that I started and looked around with my headlamp.But there was nothing around me except grass.Just when I thought I was being paranoid, there was a series of strange noises seven or eight meters away.The next thing I know, SOMETHING black hit me.This hit me directly meng circle, MY eyes a black consciousness of the back of a flash.And then, plunk, I fell into the river.Fortunately, the water on the shore is not deep, or my brother might have left it at this place.Because I can’t swim, I am a dry duck in the northeast dialect.I was swearing in the water and crawling towards the bank when I found something beside me struggling on the surface of the water.My heart a tight, hurriedly with a hand to press the headlamp switch, I want to see what on earth dare to attack small ye.But the headlamp was broken when it was flooded, and the light was dim and intermittent.By the flash of light, I finally made out what was still thrashing in the water. It was a large pheasant.This scene let me some confused, should say the pheasant in the middle of the night should sleep, it does not sleep blind flying what?Then my headlamp flashed, and for a split second I saw something horrible.Suddenly there were many bright red lights on the shore, like wolves.I tried to get a closer look at what it was, but the headlights weren’t working at all.By this time fear had taken full possession of me, for there was a clatter on the shore again, piercing against the silence of the night.Now I stood waist-deep in the water, afraid to move. I suspected that something on the shore was a Wolf.In the faint light of the moon, I could see these guys jumping up and down on my fishing spot and making a clicking sound from time to time.Just then a shadow jumped into the water and soon pulled the pheasant ashore.And I saw what these guys really were. It was white and yellow.As it passed me, it looked at me with those little eyes.To tell you the truth, I have a visceral fear of weasels.Because there are many legends about weasels in my hometown, and one of my relatives was bitten to death by yellow skin.Good thing they’re not after me tonight, they’re after the pheasants.I, too, climbed ashore after the wretches had gone, and hurried home.I never went night fishing in this place again.Night fishing met a woman cry, absolutely did not meet yellow skin catch chicken thriller.Some time ago, a linghai old jiang told me about a night fishing encounter with a woman crying (details in my article).Today I will return you a yellow skin catch chicken incident, who encountered more bizarre things, since someone distinguishable.I’m sure many of you have experienced strange things while fishing at night.Let us compare and see who is more daring.Finally, my brother explains why yellow leather makes people feel afraid.In fact, the fighting strength of the weasel is very strong, in my childhood, there were many yellow skins in our hometown.They often come at night to steal chickens and sometimes fight with people.Before there are a lot of people bitten by yellow skin, we do not look at the yellow skin bite after the wound is very small, but it is easy to infect the virus.In the past, people in rural areas were not aware of the virus.So people often die because they are bitten by yellow skin and cannot get medical treatment.There is also a more feudal superstition, it is said that yellow skin can charm the soul.There’s no scientific evidence, but that’s what the old generation said.Finally, my brother suggested that the fishermen should go together when fishing at night, because many people can help each other when things happen, so as not to have a tragedy.I am your monkey brother, pay attention to me, take you to understand different fishing knowledge.