Snow and ice in China to welcome Winter Olympics

2022-06-17 0 By

On February 1, Jing Junhai, secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, published a signed article in Qiushi Magazine titled “Snow and ice is Gold and silver Mountains”. The article said jilin will take advantage of the Beijing Winter Olympics to plant snow and ice, release snow and ice dividend, turn “cold resources” into “hot industry”, and strive to take the road of snow and ice industry development.With the pace of Beijing Winter Olympic Games getting closer and closer, jilin Province’s ice and snow continue to release wonderful and vitality.Ice and snow tourism ranks the first echelon of jilin, with you to play ice and snow, enjoy folk customs, soak in hot springs, and enjoy the whole Lunar New Year!Auspicious New Year, everywhere has a hall of fame.Jilin city was awarded the top 10 cities for ice and snow tourism in the 2022 China Ice and snow Tourism Development Forum.Vanke Songhua Lake Resort here held the theme of “2022 Winter Olympics, Together for the Future”, ski marathon, night snow party and other special activities and novel ways to attract domestic skiing fans to come here to relax.From competitive sports to mass sports, from a strong country in sports to a healthy China, the health of the people, the health of the people, and the happiness of the people are in the same vein.In the wind of the Winter Olympics, the sports department of Jilin City organized “Skating to 2022” mass ice hockey competition, “Skating to 2022” mass speed skating competition and other events, driving the mass ice and snow sports to heat up quickly.Auspicious New Year, there are many allusions.Tonghua is “the hometown of Skiing in China” and “the cradle of ice and snow sports in New China”.Here with the help of the strong east wind of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the depth of the development of “snow travel, snow appreciation, snow play, pro-snow, play snow” products, “burning the winter Olympics, snow in Tonghua” snow tourism visibility.New Year’s Day, the development of ice and snow tourism to the past to a cold winter in the countryside lively.Erhe Snow Village, Hantun, Jinjiang Wooden Village, Songling snow village and other villages have become prosperous due to ice and snow tourism.In Linjiang Songling Snow Village, under the white snow, clean and tidy courtyard house;A string of sweet and sour ice-sugar gourds, red Spring Festival couplets and paper-cuts, pure northeast Chinese New Year flavor, let the tourists worthwhile trip.This year, 125 households in Zhenzhu Village, Huashan Town, Linjiang city, opened 72 b&Bs, which can receive 2,000 tourists a day.This year, Jilin launched 23 quality tourism routes, 48 cultural and tourism measures to benefit the people, and 137 cultural and tourism festivals to allow tourists to enjoy the Spring Festival.