Snow as the order, the police battle snow cold, day and night to guard the masses of peace road

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February 6, more than 1 PM, a heavy snowfall, continuous snowfall in the mountain area of Luotian Town wanzhou district snow serious, many roads appear ice, traffic safety pressure increased sharply.In order to ensure the safety of the masses to travel, district public Security Bureau Luotian police station auxiliary police to snow as order, stick to the patrol, duty, snow, trapped in the first line, go all out war snow, ensure smooth, protect peace, writing the white snow in the other wind “police” line.Late at night: on duty to seal and control the ice section, because of the safety of the masses of snow all over the sky, the temperature is reduced, the road is icy, the road is slippery.At 6 o ‘clock in the evening, the police on duty Zhang Wen, Wu Pride led auxiliary police Tan Shicai drove to THE S508 provincial Road Liuyangping section, the traffic safety advice to passing vehicles.”Now the road has frozen phenomenon, your car has no skid chain, it is easy to have accidents such as sideslip…”Against the cold wind and snow, the police informed and reminded the vehicles one by one, checked whether the vehicles were equipped with anti-skid chains, helped the owners to install anti-skid chains, for vehicles not equipped with anti-skid chains, was patient to persuade them to return.Due to the continuous snow, until more than 10 o ‘clock in the evening, this section has no traffic conditions. Under the guidance of the traffic patrol police and luotian Town government, the police carried out comprehensive road closure control in time and prohibited vehicles from passing.In the morning of July 7, after overnight accumulation, luotian town is already a vast expanse of whitness.In order to ensure the smooth road safety of the area, just after 7 o ‘clock, the police Zhang Zhang led the auxiliary police Tan Shicai to drive to Liuyangping section on duty again. They drove on the wrong side of the road, rushed in the snow, fought in the traffic guidance, hidden trouble investigation, public security patrol, service the masses in the front line…Around 9 a.m., when Zhang and Tan shicai were patrolling the liuyangping section of the road, they found a white SUV “stalled” in the middle of the road.After the forward inquiry, the owner told “the temperature is too low, the vehicle has been unable to fire, can not continue to move forward”.Seeing this, two people rushed to the rescue, because the trapped vehicle can not start, two people and the passengers in the car together to push tens of meters, and eventually pushed it into the front of the gentle road, the vehicle finally started again.One morning, police dredge traffic;Persuade the driver to be steady and slow down;Help passing vehicles to wear anti-skid chains;Remove hidden dangers of road safety;Rescue stranded vehicles;Guide the car owners through sharp curves and steep slopes;Assist road maintenance personnel to sprinkle salt and melt snow on icy roads, go all out to protect the stability of social order in the area, and ensure the safety and smooth travel of the masses.Busy until noon, in the road has been restored to the prevailing conditions, the police group returned to the police station.Night from 6 to 7 in the morning, liaocheng the policemen to meet new moon: the cold, with snow, the cumulative examination, persuasion, QuanFan vehicles more than 100 vehicle-timeses, rescue stranded vehicles more than 50 units, such as cleaning up roadblocks 10 in safe hidden trouble, they with responsibility and bear to ensure that the area of road traffic safety index at the same time, also with the practical action “warm” to every corner,Become the most beautiful snow “police” in the eyes of the masses.Wanzhou District Public Security Bureau responsible editor: Jin Can