The weekend ushered in a big warming

2022-06-17 0 By

Report from our correspondent (reporter Hu Hongji) February 22 into the “eight or nine”, as the saying goes, “seven or nine rivers open, nine or nine wild geese”, which means that the footsteps of spring began to approach gradually.Since yesterday, the sun has taken over the sky in Fuyang, next we will usher in a big warming.From wet and cold to clear and cold, the morning temperature of these two days is still depressed.According to the monitoring, yesterday morning the lowest temperature in fuyang urban area fell to minus 0.7℃, the lowest temperature in the whole region appeared in Lishan Town anding mountain, only minus 4.4℃.This morning, low temperatures remain frozen, ranging from 0℃ to -3 ℃ in plain areas and -3 ℃ to -5 ℃ in mountainous areas, with freezing or severe freezing.In addition, due to the influence of snow ablation, the air humidity in mountainous areas is high, which is prone to fog weather. Therefore, we should pay attention to travel safety.From today’s day, as the cold air weakens, the temperature starts to climb. It is expected that the daily average temperature will rise to 8-10 ℃, and the maximum temperature will rise from single digits to double digits.Among them, this Saturday the highest temperature can reach 16℃ above, next Monday the temperature will go straight to 20℃.Such a rapid warming, and the early wet and cold contrast is huge, as if in a few days from winter to spring, we should adjust clothes according to their own situation.At the same time, the temperature in the morning and evening in the next few days is still low, the temperature difference between day and night is large, one day as if two seasons, morning and evening should still pay attention to keep warm, beware of cold.At present, from March 1 to 2, due to the intersection of cold and warm air again, Fuyang will have a weak precipitation process, the temperature is also slightly down, the highest temperature is expected to drop to 12-13 ℃.From the rule of previous years, after march, the temperature presents a “roller coaster” change, and gradually enters the winter and spring season change mode.For example, in late February last year, the highest temperature in the urban area just broke through 20℃, and precipitous drop appeared.According to statistics, fuyang perennial spring time (average daily temperature stability > 10℃ at the beginning of the day) for March 25, but in recent years fuyang are early spring, generally in early March to the middle of the spring will usher in.Source: Fuyang Daily