The world: Zheng Juan children are not Tu Zhiqiang?Water’s attitude suggests there’s something else going on with the father

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Zheng Juan is the most bitter woman in the world. Her family conditions are not good since childhood. Her mother is sickly and her brother can not see her eyes.The outlet of this family only, marry the son of worker family namely, every month has decent salary somehow, after knowing Tu Zhiqiang, Zheng Juan thinks his destiny should be rewritten, who knows unexpectedly is another abyss.TuZhiQiang Zheng Juan boyfriend, because his girlfriend has good looks, he always show off in an ostentatious manner in front of co-workers, and even have occurred with Zheng Juan relationships, two people to seize the marriage to do, before the Spring Festival, TuZhiQiang impulse, has killed people, waiting for his sentence can only be shot, he died is total and poor Zheng Juan has been pregnant with the child,An unmarried woman unexpectedly pregnant, can imagine, Zheng Juan suffered much criticism.Fortunately TuZhiQiang deathbed, tell water brother his girlfriend is pregnant, and he is because of water brother die, intentions, and in order to be able to make up for the guilt of your own mind, the elder brother of the water also specially prepared 30 yuan, as Zheng Juan each month’s living expenses, know Zheng Juan hate myself, so water will only make Zhou Bingkun to send money, because life is too hard,Zheng Juan also did not acquiesce water elder brother’s funding.Thought the elder brother of the water of TuZhiQiang guilty, it is impossible to make up for the rest of our lives, who wanted to, but for less than a year of living, he had some impatient, even ask Zhou Bingkun Zheng Juan belly child is here or not, if not, the cost of living is the less, they earn money are, after all, is not easy, don’t forget TuZhiQiang because he died?This change of attitude makes one wonder what his relationship with the child is.To be sure, water elder brother of Zheng Juan’s attitude, just because tu Zhiqiang, but then it depends on the child, and he seems to value the child, for fear of Zheng Juan beat him, supposedly this is Tu Zhiqiang’s child, why water elder brother so concerned?Is he the real father of the child?Tu Zhiqiang was also betrayed by Zheng Juan?Of course, this is all just speculation, because the water guy is so mysterious.In fact, in the original work, The relationship between Tu Zhiqiang and water elder brother seems to be some ambiguous, do not understand that he later find Zheng Juan, because zheng Juan fell in love with zheng Juan, or to help water elder brother cover, in fact, with zheng Juan relationship is water elder brother?If the child is water brother, he naturally don’t care about Zheng Juan alive, but more care about the child, after all, Tu Zhiqiang said before his death, not to say that he has a wife no one to take care of, but said Zheng Juan pregnant.May be able to let water elder brother every month to 30 yuan of living expenses, not Zheng Juan is Tu Zhiqiang’s unmarried girlfriend, but zheng Juan belly with is his own flesh and blood.It may be speculation, but the details above all prove that Brother Shui cares more about children.If the fact is really so, that zheng Juan set is not collapse?Do not know everybody to the relation between water elder brother and Zheng Juan, have what feeling?Feel free to join the discussion!