Which state is talking about you?What analysis hit you in the gut?

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How has the mental health of the general public changed in 2021?Is the living condition of practitioners in psychological industry better than before?Recently, one Mind, a well-known psychological platform in China, created the mental Health Industry Annual Report 2021 by using questionnaire survey and platform data analysis.The report, which measured the state of mind of the nation, said “people are still irritable, women are more negative than men, single people are more likely to be depressed and young people’s mental health is improving.”On February 9, shenyang Evening News, Shenyang Daily, all media reporters respectively interviewed experts in traditional Chinese medicine, sociologists, psychological experts, the analysis of the report, and targeted to put forward solutions.Analysis 1 Why are people “irritable”?Guangdong Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine health care consultation clinic deputy director of traditional Chinese medicine, national secondary psychological consultant Fan Yupeng said in an interview with reporters: “From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, people’s emotions have five zhi, in the five zhi liver and anger are related.Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of emotions, and the focus of emotional maintenance is to adjust the liver.”Fan Yupeng says, “irasciblity” cent two kinds, one kind is irasciblity go up inverse, the anger that gas blunt expression comes out directly is erupt, still have one kind is depressive model, call liver qi yu knot, expression form is depressive anger became depressed after day long, perhaps once angry mood is very out of control.Analysis 2 Why are women more affected by emotions?”Women have more negative emotions than men,” Fan told reporters. “My understanding is that women are more easily affected by emotions.It is true that women are more likely to nag, be depressed and hold grudges than men, but they are also more susceptible to positive emotions.”Fan Yupeng suggested that women should pay attention to emotional recuperation in their daily life, so as to raise liver and blood, rest more, get less angry, sleep enough and learn to love themselves.Analysis 3 Why are Single people more depressed?”In a stable marriage, having a partner to fend off risks together increases the sense of security,” said Zhang Sining, a researcher and director of the Philosophy Institute at liaoning Academy of Social Sciences.From the point of view of love and marriage status, the mental health status of people in love is relatively the worst, the mental health status of married people with children is more stable, less irritable.And at any given time, the people most prone to depression are single people.”Zhang sining said that many single women are not forced to get married, either by choice (they can’t find a better man than themselves) or because they won’t form an intimate relationship.It is suggested that single women change their traditional ideas when choosing a mate. Mate selection is a natural attribute, and do not consider too many social issues. When two people are together, feeling is the most important.In addition, singles learn how to form intimate relationships with members of the opposite sex.After children enter adolescence, parents and teachers are most worried about their children’s puppy love. In fact, it is very important for boys and girls to communicate during adolescence, which is the initial mode of intimate relationship.Analysis 4 Why is the mental health index lower with younger age?The younger you are, the lower your mental health index, according to the 2020 study.The post-1995 generation is the worst, while the pre-60s generation is the healthiest.By 2021, overall mental health had improved significantly.In particular, the “post-90s” and “post-95s” have changed from the “trough” in mental health of all age groups to the relatively healthiest group now.But there was a slight increase in overall depression in 2021 compared with the beginning of the decade.”Young people are more capable of feeling emotions and paying more attention to mental health, which is a good trend,” fu Yao, a psychologist, told the reporters.Analysis 5 Why is the health index lower with higher education?According to the results of the 2020 survey, the proportion of people in “good condition” is the highest, junior middle school or below, master’s degree or above health index is the lowest.In 2021, those with an associate’s degree will still be the most psychologically healthy group.The state of the group with bachelor’s degree and master’s degree was not as good as the former, but the overall emotional state improved significantly.”People with higher education set higher standards on themselves,” fu said. “When their expectations and social recognition are different, they naturally experience anxiety and loss.One way to change the low happiness index of highly educated people is to have a normal mind, attach importance to practice, get in touch with the society and understand the real situation of the society.”Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang News all media director reporter Wu Qiang source: Shenyang Evening News