Chinese New Year message for luliang Group in 2002

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Party secretary, chairman Kong Xiangyun law gradually, vientiane update.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, ON behalf of Luliang Group, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and best wishes to the leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who have been caring and supporting the development of the Group for a long time, to all the cadres and workers of the Group, the old leaders, the old comrades and the general families of the workers.Brave the wind and waves and achieve good results, blossom today wins the past.The year 2021 marks the centenary of the Party and the beginning of a new journey to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way.We firmly grasp the trend of the new stage of development, took a solid step to build a modern first-class food and Agriculture Group, and achieved the most outstanding performance and achievements since the establishment of the Group.The total operating revenue and profit of the group increased by 71% and 91% year on year, achieving the annual target of 119% and 174% respectively.Grain reserves exceeded 1 million tons for the first time, and rotation returns and market-based operations both hit record highs.The five key tasks of the three-year soE reform, including “deal with the stagnation and eliminate losses”, were completed in advance. The debt-to-asset ratio of the Group dropped from over 98% at the beginning of its establishment to 55.35%(excluding the influence factors of government-ordered tasks), and the owner’s equity increased by nearly 11 times, creating a model of “deal with the stagnation and eliminate losses” of provincial state-owned assets and soes.Brand building of the group was selected as “Typical Case of Brand Building of State-owned Enterprises” by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council;Won the title of “2021 Shandong Social Responsibility Enterprise”.Over the past year, the main business advantages of the group have continued to expand, the industrial chain has been more perfect, and the quality of development has been constantly improved. The “14th Five-year Plan” has got off to a good start.This is a year for the implementation of the strategy and the opening of a new model for the development of the whole industrial chain of technology empowerment.The “14th Five-year plan” of the Group has been implemented, and the group takes the lead in creating a modern operation mode of the whole industrial chain of “planting, production, purchasing, storage, plus sales” in China.Shandong Luliang Modern Agricultural Research Institute has been established, a scientific research platform of grain and oil quality inspection has been established to serve the whole province, and a high-quality ecological closed-loop of the whole industrial chain from breeding to sales has been established, which has strongly promoted the transformation and upgrading of the food and agriculture industry.It is a breakthrough year for us to remain true to our original aspiration to ensure food security and achieve both social and economic benefits.It was the first country to put forward the work orientation of “selecting me for grain reserves” and the management guidance system of “responsible grain storage, scientific grain storage and honest grain storage”.We have made all-out efforts to win the battle against summer grain purchase, and all the new provincial-level reserves have been implemented. The management of grain reserves and the summer grain purchase services for the convenience of the people and farmers have been reported by mainstream media such as CCTV and Shandong TV for many times. The scientific, information-based and intelligent level of qilu Granary continues to lead the country.This is a year of improving efficiency through reform and development and steadily creating high-quality leapfrog development.The key tasks of the three-year action for soE reform have been fully completed, and the historical problems that have hindered the development of the Group have been thoroughly solved.Key projects of the Group have been promoted efficiently. The demonstration and promotion project of modern Food and Agriculture industry of Shandong Grain has been listed as a major provincial project in 2022, which further strengthens the weak points of the industrial chain and builds a new growth pole for high-quality development of the Group.This is a year of innovation in which party building leads and promotes development and enterprise culture is rooted in deep cohesion.The role of Party construction in guiding and ensuring high-quality development has been strengthened day by day, the study and education of Party history has been fully affirmed by the guiding groups at all levels, and a number of effective experiences of Party construction have been included in the compilation of provincial grass-roots Party construction experience.To effectively promote special rectification of food-related issues, and achieve “two promotion, two promotion”;Vigorously promote the construction of corporate culture system, cultivate the temperament of Luliang, enhance the self-confidence of Luliang, and inject strong spiritual power for writing a new chapter of Luliang characteristics.All the progress and achievements we have made come from the care and support of leaders at all levels and the warm help of all sectors of society. It is the painstaking efforts and sweat of all officials and staff to overcome difficulties and make innovative efforts. It is also inseparable from the understanding and tolerance of employees’ families.Here, ON behalf of the Group Party Committee, I express my high respect and heartfelt thanks!Brave tide head to ride high, riding on the whip again courageously hoofs.MSC is three years soes reform in 2022 year, is the key to the “difference” continuity planning year, under the new historical starting point, we will always keep in mind the “head” of countries, confidence, increase morale, work full of vigour, Benedict line not idle, a concerted effort to promote reform of the group and the development of high quality, and to realize the new span ran out of the accelerationTo build a higher-level, higher-quality, more efficient and more sustainable food security system and ensure China’s food security, we will contribute to shandong grain power, celebrate the victory of the CPC’s 20th National Congress with outstanding achievements, and jointly participate in the planning of the future!Finally, I wish you all good health, happiness, good luck and prosperity in the Year of tiger!