Douluo mainland: inventory tang three six tears, four times to dance, the rest of the two because of their parents

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Men have tears do not play lightly, just not to the sad place.Even the two worlds, even if he is very strong, but in some sorrow, Tang three can not help but shed tears.So, in the douro mainland, tang three tears a total of several times?What are the causes of tears?01 For the first time, after dance was taken away by Titan Titan, Slacker seven monsters under the leadership of Zhao Wuji, went to the forest to hunt for the soul ring, accidentally met the king of the forest Titan Titan.They simply can not stop Titan, see the dance was Titan away, Tang Three Oscar for a flying mushroom intestine, and then in ning Rongrong speed increase, quickly through the forest, to the direction of Titan left to chase.And in the pursuit of the way, Tang three recall the original and dance in the sea of flowers when the situation, and now think of the dance was Titan giant ape seized, could not help but cry.This is the first time tang three tears, is to dance.02 the second time, the blue silver emperor woke up to see his mother dance after the identity exposure, Tang Hao appeared, took tang three and dance.Later little dance left, Tang Hao began to train Tang Three.He took tang SAN to the place where a Silver, with the help of the blue silver king, tang SAN inside the blue silver emperor blood began to awaken, and in the awakening of time, Tang SAN saw his mother.It was the first time that he felt the feeling of maternal love, and he left tears of happiness under the dual emotions of excitement and happiness.This is the second time tang three tears, because of the mother.03 the third time, see Tang Hao’s dark disease Tang Sanlan silver emperor soul awakening, Tang Hao ready to take him to the next step of cultivation, but just take two steps, the whole person fell down.Tang Three to help Tang Hao transport internal force, found that his father has a very serious injury;I felt guilty when I remembered the image of my father in front of the Papal palace.Tang Hao woke up, let Tang three force, he said his old injury is ok.Tang three feel that is not the case, he tearfully persuaded his father to take care of his health, but his father did not listen, then no way, tang three had to take out a dagger, while tears, while the way to commit suicide after his father do not casually.This is the third time tang three tears, because of his father.04 the fourth time, in a dream to see dance in the stars of the forest, dance because of tang three sacrifice, tang three resurrection, see dance into a rabbit, dying, the heart is very sad.He held dancing and stayed there for days and nights without eating or drinking or moving. He fell into a coma because of severe energy loss.In his sleep, tang three saw little dance.But at the moment the dance, has become a part of his body, when the dance holding haotian hammer and blue silver grass appeared in front of him, told him later will be the most powerful title douluo, Tang three cried, he said he did not want these, just want to dance alive.This is the fourth time tang three tears, because small dance.05 the fifth time, tang three woke up to see dance lost sanity woke up from sleep, Tang three found the arms of soft bone rabbit, unexpectedly lost sanity, a burst of sadness in the heart, involuntarily and tears, tears flow full of cheeks.It’s because she gave you everything.Tang three listened to, suddenly burst into tears.But was two Ming shouted, cry what use.This is the fifth tang three tears, because small dance.06 the sixth time, small dance after eating crystal blood dragon ginseng recovery body in order to help tang three broken one clan, white crane gave Tang three a crystal blood dragon ginseng, the results were small dance to eat.And small dance, because of eating this strain of crystal blood dragon ginseng, back to human form.Although still not return to sanity, but tang three in the recovery of the human dance, especially excited, holding the dance, involuntarily cried.This is the sixth tang three tears, also because of small dance.Well, that’s all for today.Do you also know tang Three have what tears scene?Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll see you next time.