Harbin Normal University in pixel wind

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If which style trend and it must belong to “pixel” wind restoring ancient ways is compared with the common intuitive and representational fine paintings People with only one small grid is created lifelike pixels fuzzy world and low pixel picture wind Seems to be more some nostalgia and imagination space Pixel wind normal university has been prepared Please click on the checkSpring’s branches and willows sprout, summer’s green is thick autumn’s golden, winter’s pine covered with snow Its melodious bell on the hour always makes us stop in a hurry as if our hearts are still Click on the picture, guess what is on the back?You will carry my dreams now and in the future you will witness my efforts in these four years look back at this place, peace of mind, my home Click on the picture, guess what’s on the back?A silent dream is floating in the silent lake. The wind is stirring on the silent lake. The leaves stir the clear blue sky.Every food hides a different kind of joy every taste contains a different kind of happiness the glory of a meal eating is the best comfort Click on the picture and guess what’s on the back?In its pure state, it builds its extraordinary power and uses its soul to light up a beam of art, to describe with words, to render with colors, to outline with lines. The process of expressing oneself is the process of healing. Click on the picture, and guess what is on the back?There’s a place where your youth and my youth have colored it into pages of books turn round and round it’s still there Click on the picture and guess what’s on the back?The familiar classrooms and seats exudes the warmth and gentleness of youth engraved with the earnest and hard work of ER of Normal University click the picture and guess what is on the back?The occasional crackling sound of turning over a book a low recitation in the hallway We write our hopes into a book and the nib falls down every moment we strive for our ideals Click on the picture and guess what’s on the back?Life in this full of vitality and brilliance in the sun swing on the youth running and jumping on the stadium youth should be so bright and brilliant look click on the picture, guess what is on the back?By the lake, willow branches dance gently in the wind, and black swans with proud wings play in the lake. The combination of thick gold and pale blue colors on the lake is a unique scene of Normal University. Click on the picture, and guess what is on the back?Engraved in the bones are the teachings of the saints ringing in the ears are the sound of the students eager for knowledge to make themselves shine as they like the sun rising and the moon setting we are all fighting side by side click on the picture, guess what is on the back?In the pixel world, numerous fantasy worlds with unique features are built by small grids with different colors. In Normal University, buildings with different styles form our solemn but warm school hall. Spring is coming, and we are about to welcome the most beautiful season of the year.Walk around the campus looking forward to the next corner to meet you encounter joy, the future can be announced: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com