Is it true that He spoiled his concubine and destroyed his wife in history?Or is the DRAMA misleading?

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I am Qing Huan, share interesting history and tea culture, it is not easy to create, pay attention to ba ~[send heart] friends who have seen “Know Whether”, I believe that Sheng Hong’s preference for Lin Xiao Niang makes the lady suffer deeply!So did men in history really dare to spoil their concubines and destroy their wives?First of all, the answer is no.Why do you say that?In ancient times, polygamy was practiced.The role of wife and concubine naturally exists in a family.But a wife’s status is equal to that of her husband.The concubine was a servant, serving as a fertility tool.In ancient society, men worked outside and women worked inside.The wife is also the head of the house.If he indulged his concubine and destroyed his wife, the husband would be labeled as “losing faith, ideals and moral corruption.”The impact on career is very big.Most people are afraid to try this.As stipulated in the Marriage Law of the Tang Dynasty, “Those who take their wives as concubines and maidservants as wives shall be kept for three years.”The Song dynasty and Ming Dynasty both inherited the law guaranteeing the status of wives.Especially in the Ming Dynasty, according to the Law of The Ming Dynasty, when his wife was alive, if the husband righted the concubine room, or bigamy, he should be punished by the 90 plates, the latter wife can choose to divorce.Want to know the concept of 90 big board, be can beat the human flesh and blood blur, not human form!Under such strict laws, normal people dare not challenge.May I ask, In “Know whether”, Sheng Hong cherishes feathers so much. It can be seen that he cherishes his life from the time when Chang Feng was imprisoned for talking out of turn and scared to pee his pants.A man who values both face and life.How could he spoil his wife?So what were the scenes that actually existed in ancient times?It makes sense to spoil your wife and kill your concubine.There is a typical case in Yi Jian Zhi written by Hong Mai in song Dynasty.A duan family in Hanzhou betrothed their daughter to a Tang family in Tongjun County.On the eve of his marriage, the poor family engagement was destroyed, but can only sell cao concubine.Cao’s master lusted after the beauty of a woman, day and night, causing his wife dissatisfaction.His wife buried her alive, and after her death she went to the grave to tell the truth.This was the state of most harem in ancient times.See here, believe some people will ask, concubine maidservant is also life, killed not to be sentenced of?In ancient times, if someone really sued his wife.According to the Law of tang Dynasty, a wife who kills a concubine or maidservant will be sentenced to one year at most.2, if the wife can prove that he is not intentional murder, as long as the loss can be!Therefore, according to the real ancient society, if Lin Xiaoniang in “Know whether” was really so boastful, when she was buried alive, it would serve her right!Learn a little history lesson each day.I am Qing Huan, share interesting history and tea culture, it is not easy to create, pay attention to ba ~ more questions, see the comments section oh ~ choo mi ~