Liao Guoxun went to investigate high-end equipment industry chain enterprises

2022-06-18 0 By

On the afternoon of 16th, Liao Guoxun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor, visited high-end equipment industry chain enterprises for investigation.Tianjin Siasong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. mainly develops and innovates industrial robots, and provides intelligent manufacturing system solutions for users.Liao Guoxun came to the enterprise to have a detailed understanding of tianjin Base project construction, scientific and technological research and development, production organization, talent team, product application and other situations, and had in-depth communication with the enterprise leaders.He said that Siasun’s years of solid foundation, commitment to innovation, brave to undertake the mission of the rise of national robots is worthy of recognition.We hope that enterprises will seize the window of surging market demand, focus on key and core technologies, continue to make efforts in scientific and technological innovation, improve the stability and reliability of products, attach importance to supporting upstream and downstream related enterprises, and accelerate the development of industrial clusters and clusters.Tianjin CRRC Tangche Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in rail equipment manufacturing and maintenance, which is a key strategic project of CRRC investment.Liao guoxun visited the body workshop, debugging workshop and assembly workshop, listened to the introduction of production process, technological innovation, intelligent management, production capacity and output from the head of the enterprise in detail, and got on a double-decker rail train to be exported for experience.He encouraged enterprises to seize the opportunity of tianjin rail transit’s great construction and development, further improve the competitiveness of products and services, expand the new construction of rail vehicles and rail transit operation, maintenance and repair business, and provide extended services for the locomotive’s full life cycle.Liao Guoxun emphasized in his research that tianjin should continue to deepen the strategy of establishing the manufacturing industry as a city, anchor the city positioning as the national advanced manufacturing R&D base, fully release the benefits of tianjin’s advantages such as strong industrial foundation, rich scientific research resources and convenient geographical conditions, and promote the rapid development of high-end equipment industry.We should focus on strengthening key enterprises and strengthening weak links, do our best to reinforce, extend and strengthen the chain, raise the overall level of the industrial chain, and build a luxury-leafy industrial chain ecology.We need to understand the needs of enterprises, adopt precise policies and provide precise services, provide targeted policy supplies, open up more application scenarios and build more cooperation platforms for enterprises, and guide financial institutions to provide financial support through multiple channels, so that enterprises can truly feel and gain a sense of benefit.Vice Mayor Wang Weidong and secretary General of the Municipal government Meng Qingsong attended.(reporter Mi Zhe) source: Tianjin Daily review: Wang Shaoyun braided hair: Wang An Material editing: Xu Xiaowei, Chen Zhuo