“One flag is not enough to say thank you, so I made two!”

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“One flag is not enough to say thank you, so I made two!”On the morning of March 23, Aunt Zheng feiyun street to feiyun police station police CAI Dong and High Cunqiao sent two banners, thank them for helping her quickly solve the case to recover stolen property.Aunt Zheng runs a convenience store on Feiyun Street.At about 7 a.m. on March 10, she went to the store to open as usual, only to find the door broken into.”The store was in a mess. 1,800 yuan in cash and 76 cartons of cigarettes were missing from the drawers. The total damage was over 40,000 yuan.”Anxious aunt Zheng immediately to the cloud police station alarm.After receiving the police, police CAI Dong immediately launched an investigation, found that at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, 3 men riding a battery car had appeared near the scene.After a large number of visits, investigation, police locked the suspect Tian Dong, Tian Dong, Tian mou and found that 3 people are taking the same bus to flee to other places, and the car has been opened to Quzhou.Time is urgent, CAI Dong immediately contacted the suspect by the driver of the vehicle, let it cooperate with the police investigation, while seeking local police to help arrest.At 14:00 on March 10, with the cooperation of the local police, CAI Dong and others successfully captured 3 suspects.It is understood that the three are from Dejiang, Guizhou province, with several previous convictions for theft.Through the interrogation, 3 suspects confessed the crime facts, said that after the early morning, they will immediately resell the cigarettes obtained from the theft.On March 15, CAI Dong, Gao Cunqiao and others in Ouhai, Wenzhou, captured Yang Mou, Yang Mou, and help Zheng auntie recover more than 20,000 yuan of property.At present, the case is under further investigation.Less than 7 hours the case was broken, Aunt Zheng was very happy, specially made the “thunder attack quick and honest for the people” “due diligence enthusiasm for the people lost and warm the hearts of the people” two banners were sent to CAI Dong, High Cunqiao.Reporter: Sun Wenjing Correspondent: Jin Yao Editor: CAI Yi