The girl living in seclusion on zhongnan Mountain, who had not yet become immortal, was defeated by the high rent on the mountain

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Not indifferent without understanding, not quiet beyond reach.To live in the world, no matter how we live, is a rare practice. Everything and everyone can become precious teachers, leading us to the realm of life ideal.Just as it is recorded in the Book of Commandments, an indifferent and tranquil spiritual world is the beginning of a profound life. Unfortunately, too many people do not understand this truth and get lost in the process of pursuing the realm of life.In order to obtain a richer spiritual life, many modern people begin to imitate the ancients and live in seclusion. In fact, it is difficult to obtain happiness in seclusion in an impetuous society.Too many people are busy in order to survive, and seclusion is often a luxury. Therefore, Zhongnan Mountain, like a paradise of paradise, has become a holy land in the hearts of many people.The unique charm of Zhongnan Mountain has attracted many people to settle down there.Surprisingly, there was once a girl who lived in seclusion in Zhongnan Mountain, but she did not live a leisurely life as she wished. Finally, she was forced to leave the place where countless people wanted to “cultivate Taoism and promote immortals” by the high rent on the mountain.In fact, if you want to achieve a higher realm of life, rather than being subject to external factors such as the environment, you should calm your impetuous mind and feel the power of spiritual practice in your daily life.When we understand this truth, whether we are in a busy city or a secluded place, the heart is very free.Quiet Zhongnan Mountain used to be the perfect environment for spiritual cultivation, “go to the poor place of water and sit and watch the clouds rise”, which is wang Wei’s yearning for his future in his old age. Now the impetuous society forces people to work non-stop every day, so leisurely life is also people’s yearning.Small nan girl because in the work is not smooth, lead to their own want to escape from this disturbing social environment, Zhongnan Mountain became the primary choice in her mind.Resign directly to leave the place where he has been living for a long time, with the yearning for the future, the vision of Zhongnan Mountain, she took his simple luggage to climb zhongnan Mountain.She found a simple, cozy house that looked old but “had everything in it” and gave her a sense of life satisfaction.She carefully took care of her favorite potted plants and the food in her daily life. She did not feel that her life was simple, but felt that she had found a place where her heart could live.Waking her up every day is no longer the alarm clock, but insects singing birds, every day to accompany her, is no longer the roar of the car horn, but the birds chirping “sound”.The rent of 400 yuan a month was also within the range she could bear. She had a short practice here and began to think about her choices and re-examine herself.Social blameless, zhongnan mountain quiet or by a group of net red to break the plum seven hot, let a lot of people began to aspire to the paradise of life, known as zhongnan Mountain, can not escape to become many net red lens, can not get a card location.There will be a demand for the market, as more and more people visit Zhongnan Mountain, the price of Zhongnan Mountain also began to soar, in a short time, rose to 20,000 yuan, such a price, has exceeded the scope of xiao Nan girl can afford.The arrival of more people not only breaks the peace of Zhongnan Mountain, but also brings great impact to the people who have lived in Zhongnan Mountain for a long time.In order to make money, many unscrupulous businessmen began to build houses in Zhongnan Mountain, which destroyed the environment of Zhongnan Mountain and disappointed many people. The former Zhongnan Mountain has long ceased to exist because of the development of commerce now.Many people who want to go to Zhongnan Mountain to live in seclusion find the gap between ideal and reality, and the value of Zhongnan Mountain is constantly depreciating.Nowadays, the Internet era has brought great convenience to people’s life, but it also makes people’s life become very impetuous.In order to make money, many Internet celebrities do whatever they can to soak up the heat, breaking the original industrial chain and bringing great impact to people’s original life.What people yearn for is the simple and elegant Zhongnan Mountain in their hearts, rather than the place filled with money atmosphere because of commercial development.The fast pace of life brings not only pressure to people, but also the unrecognizable appearance of the so-called Internet celebrities.Helplessly return, the high rent is not ordinary people can bear the final, small nan girl has no way to bear the normal prices of Zhongnan Mountain, can only choose to leave this she thought can place their hearts.After returning to the city, there is a period of time, small nan girl can not adapt to the fast pace of life, the boring life of going to work every day let her feel very boring, but now there is no place, let her continue to escape.She had to continue to face life, the challenges that brought to her, opportunities all over the life, for young nan girl, such a return is also a good choice.However, the loss of zhongnan Mountain’s “sacred image” will also make all people who dream of living in seclusion complain of the so-called net red card.The meaning of seclusion is not to escape reality but to find a piece of pure land for one’s soul. Xiaonan chooses to go to Zhongnan Mountain for seclusion, in order to escape from life, such a life would not be too long.Real seclusion is to find a pure land for one’s soul. After being hit by life, the seclusion chosen is only a short rest.The change of zhongnan Mountain is an indictment of today’s impetuous life.Xiao Nan girl’s experience, is the pursuit of the ideal after the helpless return, no matter how sad life, escape is not the way to solve the problem, only face setbacks, in order to solve their own life in the future.Real seclusion is like Zhuge Liang, after knowing everything about life and having no great pursuit of life, returning to nature and living seriously.Growth is a kind of tempering, bitter life who can experience, but a person’s final growth, depends on a person’s ability to resist pressure suffering.Many of the places where Internet celebrities punch cards are the products of commercial development, which has seriously disturbed people’s original lives and damaged the local environment while bringing economic development.Living in seclusion, you can choose a life style you prefer after being disappointed with the impetuous life.In modern society, it is important to take yourself seriously and make choices carefully.Don’t blindly follow the trend, firm own choice, in the impetuous society, give yourself a rhythm of life.In fact, there is no need to choose a special place for living in seclusion. As long as you calm down, your future path will be under your feet.Conclusion The life of seclusion should have begun as a search for a pure land for oneself after experiencing a change of personnel and feeling irritated with the pomp and splendor of life.Xiao Nan girl is caused by the escape of life, a short relaxation can make people calm, but too long escape will only give their mind, bring more pressure.To live a real life, to bring your own unique experience and find a place for your soul to rest after you have experienced all kinds of life after success and fame, is the real meaning of seclusion.Don’t be blinded by the vision of the imagination, recognize the reality can better out of the dilemma.