Anchor said the broadcast of “Touch Porcelain China”?No NATO!

2022-06-19 0 By

In the past two days, western leaders have been busy with a series of summits, including a special NATO summit held on The 24th.The summit was billed as “special,” but what was really special was that some of the content was particularly ridiculous.For example, the summit statement to uphold the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity enshrined in the United Nations Charter came 23 years ago on the same day that NATO forces began bombing sovereign Yugoslavia for 78 days.Thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced.Among them, the Chinese embassy was bombed, killing three Chinese citizens.It is very NATO to bypass the Security Council 23 years ago to use force against a sovereign state and now to say that sovereignty should be respected.For example, some leaders at the meeting claimed that “China spreads disinformation spread by Russia”.Some OFFICIALS in the United States have been hyping up China’s military assistance to Russia, but there is no evidence.The fact that they are so full of information just shows that they are the ones spreading false information.It’s old school. It’s not unusual.As the situation in Ukraine has developed so far, it is clear who is handing the knife and who is throwing the fire.NATO is a product of the Cold War, but it still exists today. It can be said that an old thing has entered a new era. Although its body has entered, its concept has long been outdated and rusty, and does not conform to the trend of historical development.NATO, in short, is an alien existence.True peace lovers will loudly say no to the continued expansion of NATO, which lives for war.Outdated NATO, best not to date.Source CCTV news client editor Nie Jingwen editor Wang Luyao Wei Yiqian