Cabbage has no heart to play a name

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The name is Liu Biao, or Liu Bang.This riddle is very simple, the cabbage has no heart, that is, the appearance is left, that is, the surface is left, so it is liu Biao;Or the cabbage to the heart, only bang, so it is Liu Bang (leave bang).- Some guessing methods to share with you: addition and subtraction, suitable for: combined puzzles, the solution to the puzzle hints part of the word strokes reduced or increased, or with some words added and subtracted to buckle the answer to the riddle;Synthesis method, applicable to: divided into two parts can be combined into a puzzle puzzle;Association method, applicable to: picture puzzle, through the content of the picture to guess the word puzzle;Meaning method, applicable: meaning puzzle, the overall understanding of the meaning of the riddle, buckle the answer to the riddle;Imagination method, suitable for: like the form of word puzzles, according to the characteristics of things, the structure of Chinese characters, personification, to be visualized, make people associate, increase interest.About the vegetable riddle: slender figure, green skin, the whole body is a knot in one’s heart, ugly their own beauty of others.Mystery: Cucumber.Red beak green parrot, eat more nutrition.Mystery: Spinach.Red jar green bottom, inside a millet.Mystery: Chili peppers.A purple tree with purple flowers and sesame seeds in its purple fruit.Mystery: Eggplant.Liu Biao (142-208 years), courtesy name Jingsheng, was born in Gaoping County, Shanyang County (now Weishan, Shandong Province).At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the imperial family, famous scholar, warlord, one of the late Han dynasty, after Liu Yu, king Lugong of the Western Han Dynasty.Liu Biao was more than eight feet long, warm and strong, and was famous in the world when he was young, ranking among the “eight handsome men”.