Careless passenger left 270,000 yuan in cash on high-speed train, recovered in 10 minutes

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“I really appreciate them. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”Although Chen has recovered 270,000 yuan in cash through railway staff, the trip to Beijing is still scary but also heartwarming.At 15:13 on April 3, Chen Zhongbing took the G308 train on his way to Beijing. After the train stopped at Weinan North Station, he walked to the platform to stretch his muscles and muscles, but had not moved for two minutes. He turned his head and saw that he was dumbstruck.But to Chen’s dismay, his black handbag, which contained 270,000 yuan in cash, was also left on the train.”I borrowed the money from my nephew in Beijing. The main purpose of my trip to Beijing is to pay back the money.”Chen told reporters that he did not know how to use the Internet to transfer money, so he wanted to personally deliver the goods and also visit his nephew.Realizing that the money had fallen on the train, Chen was at a loss on the platform, turned his head just to see the railway staff coming, and then stepped forward to explain the situation.When the staff learned of the situation, they immediately took him to the station office to contact the conductor of G308.”I received the station said after the situation, immediately informed the car police together to find.”Song Jia, the conductor of the train, said she found Chen’s missing handbag in the luggage rack of carriage no. 5 about five minutes later. She confirmed with Chen on the phone and agreed to hand it over at Beijing West Railway Station.Song jia and the police counted the cash. “It only took about 10 minutes for the bag to be found, and the cash in the bag was correct. After hearing the news, I was not so worried.”Chen said he was able to get on the next train to Beijing with the help of station staff.After the G308 train arrived at Beijing West Railway Station at 20:38 that evening, Song and the police waited for Chen to arrive at the station to ensure that the handbag could be returned to the passengers in time.At 21:50, Chen arrived at Beijing West Railway Station and immediately found Song Jia and the police waiting at the station.Song Jia in the verification of The identity of Chen Zhongbing, Chen Zhongbing lost the backpack back to zhao, the on-site inventory, cash, items are in the bag.Chen soldier claim spot “really is too thank you, thank you, thank you!”Chen Zhongbing from the hands of the railway staff took the 270,000 yuan of cash, hung heart finally landed.According to Song Jia, she also encountered lost items on a daily basis, such a large amount of money is the first time.She reminded passengers that they must pack up their carry-on luggage during the ride, especially during the holidays when the passenger flow is large, once lost items on the train, please call 12306 customer service phone for reflection, train staff will help passengers find in time.Red Star news reporter Yan Yuheng map according to China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., LTD. Chengdu passenger section editor Tan Wangyu (download red star news, report awards!)