“Cloud” go taiping intangible heritage “live”

2022-06-19 0 By

On the morning of February 15, quanjiao county’s annual “go taiping on the 16th day of the first lunar month” traditional folk activities began.The festival starts at 9 am and runs until 16 24am on February 16.Due to epidemic prevention and control, as in the previous two years, people from all over the country no longer gather at Taiping Bridge from all directions, but walk through the “cloud” to experience this folk custom that has been passed down for more than 1,800 years.”Walking taiping” is a unique folk culture of Quanjiao County, but also a provincial intangible cultural heritage project.For many people in Quanjiao county and its surrounding areas, on the 16th day of the first lunar month, they walk around the “three Bridges and two streets”, tie a red ribbon on the Taiping Bridge, and pray for good weather, peace and prosperity with a devout heart. After walking the Taiping Bridge, the New Year will be over and the New Year will begin.”This year, the peaceful use of H5 huai main hand-drawn, let players from refined recognition of the product in the picture of jade bridge, planed, taiping street, red bar bridge, taiping street lane, Pacific bridge, He Lu floor in quanjiao people’s memory of the old place, at the same time with the quanjiao dialect, chuzhou, hefei and other characteristics, players’ first perspective ‘experience walking on” cloud “,You can enjoy the colorful display of folk art.”Quanjiao county party committee network letter office director Wang Yalin told reporters.”When I walk on the cloud, I feel as if I have been on the ground.’Three Bridges, Two Streets and one Floor’, intangible cultural heritage and special food website, all hand-painted in real life, too beautiful…”Netizens left comments on moments to praise them.The “walking on” cloud “peace” activity fully tap quanjiao traditional folk custom culture connotation, designed to collect quanjiao intangible, Pacific bridge tie a red ribbon, taiping well blessing of coin, and other interactive games, through technical means, the old traditional new tricks, make the intangible cultural heritage work, make the residents understand traditional festival atmosphere.”On the Internet to complete a trip to the taiping is not the same, taiping bridge and the full pepper ancient street, old shops, specialties, food, intangible cultural heritage and other cultural landscape in a glance, all eyes, both to meet the expectations of everyone to go taiping in the New Year, and promote the folk heritage.”Quanjiao residents he Yuan told reporters.(Reporter Luo Bao correspondent Zhou Lei)