Commemorative stamps to commemorate the Opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games are issued

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China Post issued a set of 2 commemorative stamps on February 4 to commemorate the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games.The full set has a face value of $2.40.The number of stamps to be issued is 11.5 million.The 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou city from February 4 to February 20, 2022.This is the third Olympic event held in China after the Beijing Olympics and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.Beijing became the first Olympic city to host both the Summer and Winter Games.Since 2017, China Post has issued five sets of 18 commemorative stamps, one set of two special stamps for personalized services, and three sets of ordinary postage covers.Designed by Wang Huming, the stamps feature white and blue to highlight the concept of an ice and snow festival.The stamp images transform the rich and dynamic audio-visual language of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games into plane language. Through the deconstruction and reorganization of three-dimensional space and time span, the classic elements of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games are presented in two-dimensional plane, reflecting the design concept that the moment is eternal.The overall picture is simple and delicate, presenting an ethereal, elegant and modern design sense, in line with the opening ceremony of this Winter Olympics concept.The stamps highlight the snow and ice features of the Winter Olympics.”Forward to the Future” uses holographic cat’s eye and laser relief technology to highlight the three-dimensional Winter Olympic Games emblem, while “Light of Hope” uses holographic cold stamping technology to highlight the three-dimensional snow platform and dancing flames.Under the irradiation of the light source, the stamp picture is rich and clever, colorful streamer, modern sense, sense of science and technology.The stamps will be available for sale for six months from February 4 at designated postal outlets across the country, philatelic office, China Post mobile app, China Post Micro Post Philatelic Wechat mall and China Post Mall wechat mini program.Among them, the sales of outlets on February 4 will be carried out through online channels such as the philatelic office, and offline sales will not be carried out on that day.In order to display the contents of stamps in a richer way, China Post will release digital contents through the wechat mini program of “Encyclopedia of Chinese Stamps”, which can be viewed using the AR function.Source: CCTV News