In 2022, “Civilized Tourism, Safe Travel” publicity performance was held in Rong

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In order to create a high-quality cultural and tourism market environment and enhance the influence of the tourism brand of “fresh Fujian” and “Quanfu Tour, Quanfu tour”,The 2022 “Civilized tourism, safe travel” promotion performance was held at Yeshan Park in Fuzhou, Capital of East China’s Fujian Province, Jan. 27, 2022.This activity to “travel” with civilisation, and health as the theme, by the culture and tourism in fujian province hall, the CPC fujian provincial party committee jointly organized by government, acrobatic troupe of fujian province, fujian people’s art theatre, fujian fujian theatre, youth, yue aimed at of the coming of the Spring Festival, epidemic prevention and control of tourists to the propaganda, healthy life,Civilized travel, safe travel, strict economy, against waste and garbage classification knowledge, and constantly improve their own literacy, together to create a happy, civilized and peaceful, safe and healthy festival atmosphere.Fujian wen brigade volunteer site popular science travel safety knowledge to citizens The southeast network reporter jannet Taken performance prior to the start, fujian brigade volunteer at the scene to carry out the safety knowledge science civilization correct interactive activities, the scene to participate in the audience by scanning qr code for fun correct, volunteers distributed to those citizens distribute leaflets, small gifts,One to one civilized travel, safe travel knowledge popularization.Many citizens stopped in front of the popular science exhibition stand to read the knowledge about civilized travel carefully.Later, fujian Provincial Acrobatic Troupe, Fujian Provincial Experimental Min Theater, Fujian Fanghua Yue Theater, Fujian People’s Art Theater and other units brought wonderful artistic performances for the residents on the scene.Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Market management office three researcher Wang Jialin introduced to reporters, “civilized tourism, safe travel” is a good platform, this year will continue to carry out a series of publicity activities, including the publicity of anti-terrorism, drug, the protection of minors and other more than a dozen projects,Work with relevant departments to create a warm, harmonious, high-quality and beautiful cultural and tourism market environment, and promote the high-quality development of fujian province’s culture and tourism.