Li Guoji to the Heroes of the Winter Paralympic Games symposium held in Beijing

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On March 29, 2022, “Mr. Li Guoji symposium on presenting inscribed couplets to the Heroes of the Winter Paralympic Games” was held in Renmei Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, sponsored by China Association for The Promotion and Publicity of The Disabled.The forum aims to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the Chinese sports delegation in the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, extol the outstanding spirit of the Paralympic athletes, who strive for excellence and win glory for the country, and attract more people to pay attention to and understand the cause of the disabled and create a good atmosphere conducive to the development of the cause of the disabled.The Ministry of Natural Resources department elderly painting and calligraphy research Association executive vice president Li Guoji, China disabled people’s cause news promotion association executive vice president Guo Liqun, China Disabled people’s Federation propaganda department deputy director Li Defu attended the meeting and spoke, China disabled people’s cause news promotion association responsible comrades and the media attended the meeting.Li Guoji, executive vice president of the Department of Natural Resources for the Elderly Painting and Calligraphy Research Association, introduced the original intention of writing the winter Olympics, winter Paralympic heroes inputting book couplet and the creation of the process.”Watching the heroic Chinese Paralympic athletes show their perseverance and unyielding spirit, explore the value of life in the process of challenging themselves, and display the dignity, confidence, self-improvement and self-reliance of the disabled in the new era, really inspired my inner world,” he said.The society needs a warm heart, the disabled, the cause of the disabled need all aspects of the society to help with love, with practical actions to write responsibility and love, so that more disabled people feel the warmth of the socialist family, disabled people join hands to realize the Chinese dream.De-fu li speak China Disabled Persons’ Federation XuanWen de-fu li said, deputy director of the Beijing paralympic winter sports achievements and spiritual civilization are realized, and write a new chapter for the winter sports for the disabled in China, good pleasure, Mr Li Guoji to kung, a gift for winter paralympic athletes embedded book couplet, encouraging Chinese athletes continue to dare to challenge the fate, bold to the peak work of strong will,The disabled are encouraged to contribute their wisdom and strength to society with an optimistic and enterprising spirit while demonstrating their abilities and realizing their self-worth.With the goal of “equality, participation and sharing”, we should care for, support and participate in the work of persons with disabilities. We should work together to create a wonderful life with full enthusiasm and strive for the future together.It is understood that Comrade Li Guoji has long been enthusiastic about helping the public welfare undertakings of the disabled. This time, he wrote a joint name for 53 outstanding athletes, including Yan Zhuo, Wang Haitao and Ma Jing, who participated in the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games, to praise the tenacious life and pay tribute to the Paralympic heroes.The Chinese athletes were deeply moved and encouraged after receiving the inscriptions, and said that they would work harder, constantly surpass themselves, scale new heights, win glory for the motherland with excellent results, and add luster to The Times.Congratulations to Liu Zixu, the “first Gold Medal” winner of The Chinese Wheelchair Curling Team. Congratulations to Zhu Daqing, the Chinese Paralympic Alpine skier (Visually impaired group). Congratulations to Shan Yilin, the Chinese Paralympic Biathlon.Call on all sectors of society to treat each other as equals, warm heart support, the United States and the United States to help the disabled become the trend, so that the disabled in the spring breeze of the new era, common development, share youth, live a more dignified and better life.Chief Editor: Wang Xiaohui