Pay attention!No paid leave!

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Pay attention!Pay attention!According to the arrangement, On February 12th (Saturday), on February 13th (Sunday), the normal rest is not arranged. Although the Spring Festival holiday is off, some workers need to work overtime. Then the problem comes: How to calculate the salary for working overtime during the Spring Festival?According to the labor law of the People’s Republic of China legal holiday arranges laborer to work, pay not the of 300% pay pay under salary playday arrange laborer to work to cannot arrange again fill pay not the of 200% pay pay under salary anyway, this is a very happy thing over the years, all back to shenyang to work feeling,Not too cold the temperature in Shenyang is about to rise slowly!Also very warm in shenyang today finally break through freezing point reached the highest temperatures 1 ℃ and a state of cold air is still in the good news is that the next few days vacation shen city common will also be held weather pattern rebound leitmotif temperature rising tomorrow daytime highest temperature rise than today 2 ℃ at 3 ℃ south from 2 to 3 body feeling comfort level improved significantly more suited to go out and outdoorIt is expected that Wednesday and Thursday will be the two hottest days of the week. The highest temperature during the day will be 6℃ to 7℃, and the lowest temperature will be around -8℃. You can adjust your clothes, but don’t lose too much weight.