President: “today big guy and not a person” poison tongue male main x cool drag female main, sweet pet burning text

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# Book shortage recommendation # Recently, many small friends with xiaobian joke that do not know what to read good books, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as a veteran fan xiaobian also feel this experience, so today I will continue to introduce good novels to everyone, let book fans addicted to reading friends do not sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Small make up recommend everyone today: President giants: “bosses today again not to be the” poison tongue male master x cool ye she, a sweet pet flame first book: “bosses today again not to be the” author: fruit store the bottle of introduction: she is miss big giants family unpopular, cartoon circle by when spray ceng heat of gas is a great god, is also the e-sports circle by great god boyfriend bring small transparent fly.Little do they know – she has reached the peak, is a multi – industry tycoon.This day, some untouchable male god of e-sports circle, hug her waist: “do you want to find time to talk about a love with my brother?”Black powder: We won’t!Into the pit guide: if there is a feeling like, Gu Ye suddenly look over, line of sight accurately fell atractylodes body.Leng.”Awake?”Her voice was slightly hoarse and mellow, but she added a little slouch when she opened her mouth.Atractylodes walked past.Gu Ye saw her two eyes, yu Guang glimpsed the smoke between the fingers, gently frown, conveniently choke the smoke.The next moment, Atrachu came up to him, his eyelids lifted, and he looked at him firmly. “Manga.””Manga is what you need.”Gu Ye was her spirit people are awake, whether to laugh or cry, “know what time now?””What time?””Half past three.””Oh, hard work.”Atsushi responded rather handily, then returned to the topic of “manga.”Bite hind notch gently, gu wild hiss 1: “don’t love dearly once elder brother?””Oh.”Bai Shu slightly nods, light frowns, seems to be distressed to think for a moment, and then suddenly lifted his eyes, a regular ground to ask, “do you want to eat midnight snack, I do for you.””……”In silence for a moment, Gu Ye suddenly fell back and leaned on the railing.A gleam of moonlight fell in his eyes, bright and shining, and the dark eyes sparkled as if they were full of stars.He smiled: “ok, it’s quite real.”Three minutes later, in the living room with the lights on.Real atractylodes will just pour into a bucket of boiling water noodles end over, put in front of gu Ye.”Supper.””……”Gu Ye eyebrow one twist, dissatisfied to knock the table top.Atractylodes see, also quite sincere to say: “I can only do instant noodles.””You call that ‘doing’?Gu Ye’s description of her is inconceivable.”……”Bai Shu inexplicably looked at him, did not feel her words have anything wrong.Gu Ye feels toothache.There was a three-minute standoff between the two men.When Bai Shu wants to remind him that he can eat, Gu Ye pulls the instant noodles toward him, lifts the lid, forks the foam noodles with a plastic fork, and eats a big mouthful.When he looked up, Atrache had sat down beside, consciously picked up the tablet computer, browsing Gu Ye’s caricature.”That’s your obsession with comics?”Gu Ye raised his eyebrows.(click below to read for free) the second book: “rebirth of the entertainment circle superstar sweet wife” author: fruit shop bottle introduction: in the entertainment circle, she is the lucky value of the new table, debut two years to become a popular nova, thousands of fans sought after, but also no problem to pull the hate value of many predecessors new.The so-called life is hard, survival is not easy, so the enemy framed, died at this point.Rebirth and return, identity change, re-levy entertainment, she came back strong!Faster than in previous lives!A more perfect artist image than in previous lives!More powerful than ever before!The girl who grew up in the Shaolin Temple, the member of the mysterious organization, the star of the entertainment industry, all identities are easy to come by.Into the pit guide: just dial a phone, brief voice impressively spread from the phone over there, surprised to squat in the corner of su anling almost did not directly jump up.”The temple, your Highness?Su an ling surprised to shout, panic in a hurry to check their broadcast of the phone, “blue rain” two words came into view, she played is really blue rain phone.But why was he picked up by your Highness?Jin sichen seemed to understand her confusion and simply explained, “His mobile phone has been confiscated.””Er…Oh.”Su Anling should not understand the sound, but still did not want to clear blue rain mobile phone how to be your highness to pay.At the same time, an assistant whose mobile phone had been seized was standing beside Jin Chen in silence with tears streaming down her face, calling you cheap hand, calling you cheap hand, and handing over the mobile phone when she saw that it was An Ling’s phone.Oh, well, your Highness is upset, because your highness, who always says what he says, is going to take his cell phone away.”What is it?Jin Sichen asked, casting a cold glance at LAN Yu beside him, who was frozen back and did not dare to have any mental activity.Su Anling hesitated. In fact, she did not want to trouble Jin Because of such a small matter, but now she could not conceal it. She could only tell jin what had happened completely, and as for her beating, she simply mentioned it so as not to let her “violence” have a bad effect on him.”So, you want to pay for a makeup case?”After listening to her, Jin Sichen had a thorough understanding of Su anling’s thoughts.”Yes,” Su Anling scratched her hair. “I don’t know much about these things, and I don’t know where to find her cosmetics, so I thought I’d ask Assistant Lam.””Send me the picture, and I’ll take care of it.”Jin Sichen said faintly, unable to detect any emotion.The voice paused for a moment and then said, “You can come to me directly.”(Click below to read for free) The third book: “Today, did you support your wife?” by: Bottle in the fruit Shop Introduction: low-end photographer, third-rate martial arts actor, second-rate cartoonist, first-class explorer.– This is Si Sheng’s self-assessment.Live your life without dreams, beliefs, or goals.– This is my friend Mo’s comment on Si Sheng.Poor acting, play handsome, no background of the vase, entertainment million small transparent.This is yan Fan’s evaluation of Si Sheng.Guide to the pit: Si Sheng chuckles, “You really don’t know how to write the word ‘modest’?””Come and eat.”When ling put his chopsticks down, he looked at Si Sheng.When he found his cell phone and walked over, seeing that the noodles looked good, Si Sheng handed him his cell phone and said, “Please take a picture for me. I’ll send it to Lao Yi.”Ling Xize did not answer, said: “clap.””Huh?””Sent it to your grandfather, too.”Surprised, Si Sheng asked, “How did he contact you?””Probably,” coagulate eyebrow ponder, Ling Xize look at her, seriously say, “think I than you depend on.””……”Si Sheng couldn’t find an Angle to blame him.Grab the back of the chair and drag it back, its feet grinding on the floor.She sits down, picks up her chopsticks, removes the slices of meat, hard-boiled eggs, and vegetables that cover them, and picks up the long noodle.Ling xi-ze smiled.During this period, he visited Yi Zhongzheng in the hospital several times and left his contact information with him.Yesterday, Yi Zhongzheng came to him and mentioned Sisheng’s birthday. He said that sisheng would always come back to eat a bowl of longevity noodles no matter where he was every year.Yi zhongzheng made it very clear.So, Ling Xize yesterday to study how to do longevity noodles, tried many times, until lu housekeeper nod, just give up.The soup in this bowl of noodles was prepared by lu’s housekeeper early in the morning.”Did you really do it?”After tasting a mouthful of noodles and a mouthful of soup, Si Sheng looked at Ling xize and his eyes were full of doubts.”Well?””Yummy.”After eating another chopstick of noodles, she suddenly thought of something and asked, “Didn’t I make a bowl for you?””Breakfast.””Grandpa Lu will be back later to cook lunch.””Oh.”Si Sheng was relieved and lowered his head to eat noodles, his brow lifted, showing that he was in a good mood.Ling Xize drooping eyes, eyes hidden smile.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. 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