The anti-drug brigade of Dingbian County Public Security Bureau carried out annual on-site inspection of precursor chemicals

2022-06-19 0 By

To further standardize the jurisdiction precursor chemicals use, management, transportation management, improve precursor chemicals enterprise self control ability, recently, the dingbian county public security bureau party committee member, anti-drug brigade battalion chief Cui Zhong led auxiliary police anti-drug brigade people into jurisdiction the precursor chemicals management enterprises to carry out the annual audit field inspection work.During the inspection, the person in charge of each enterprise was briefed on the management, use and storage of precursor chemicals and the operation situation of the previous year, and the safety management situation of the storage and warehouse of precursor chemicals was checked on the spot.I have consulted the management system, enterprise qualification and warehouse entry, purchase and sale books.The potential safety hazards in daily management and use of precursor chemicals were investigated in detail.The problems found in the inspection, issued on the spot ordered rectification notice, requiring enterprises to rectify immediately, must ensure absolute safety, resolutely put an end to the occurrence of accidents.Through this inspection, it further strengthened the safety management of precursor chemicals within the jurisdiction, standardized the use and management of precursor chemicals, and ensured zero loss of precursor chemicals.