At the age of 21, he was promoted to commander of the Red Army. One of his generals was Named Su Yu

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Not many of the founding generals were born into wealthy families, and Yang Dezhi, one of the “three Yang” generals, was no exception.He was the son of a blacksmith, and although his father had a good trade, he could barely make ends meet in those turbulent times.In order to reduce the pressure of life, Yang Dezhi came to Anyuan coal mine as a teenager as a worker, unexpectedly changed his life.Under the propaganda leadership of the labor union, the 17-year-old Yang Dezhi responded to the call of the revolution and participated in the Uprising in Southern Hunan. From then on, he embarked on the revolutionary road, and rose rapidly with his extraordinary military talent, and became a rising star in the red Army young generals.In fact, in the Ranks of the Red Army, such as Yang Dezhi quickly promoted young generals, one is Yang’s old superior, many years later, General Yang still remember the first meeting with the old leader.In 1932, Yang Dezhi was transferred to work in the 45th Red Division. He had heard that the 45th division commander was a very outstanding young cadre in our army, and it would be good to be under his leadership this time.But when he reported for duty, he found a small man writing at his desk.”Is this a teacher, how with the image of the mind is quite different?”Yang Dezhi was wondering, but there was some uncertainty on the mouth shouted: “Good teacher”, the man saw him come in, said with a smile: “You are the new Yang section chief, quickly into the room to sit”.The other side chatted with him kindly, Yang Dezhi was stunned, uneasy mood slowly smooth, feel that the teacher is really good.In the chat, the teacher also said humorously that he had grown up and would not grow any longer, but it was not easy to be found by the enemy on the battlefield, and it was not easy to be shot, which was also an advantage.This amiable, less than one meter five young division commander, is the Red Army general Find Huaizhou.Resourceful take gun to find huaizhou is liuyang, Hunan, his childhood family is not as good as Yang Dezhi general, because of the poor life let him quickly mature, but from childhood food and clothing, malnutrition, a child grow not high, but this does not delay his participation in the revolution.Xun Huaizhou joined the autumn harvest uprising at the age of 15. Although he was young, he was very clever and skillful in fighting.During the Struggle in Jinggangshan, he was promoted from squad leader to platoon leader.During one Spring Festival, xunhuaizhou’s 31st Regiment was taking a rest in Suichuan. After a year’s development, the army had grown stronger, but guns and ammunition were lacking. Zhang Ziqing, the commander of the regiment, called Xunhuaizhou over to see if he could get some weapons and equipment.Xun huaizhou said that he had heard that there was a rich man named Lu nearby. His family had set up a guard with a dozen long guns.So Zhang Ziqing reported to the chairman of the situation, ready to arrange to find huaizhou with dozens of people, get over the gun.But Xunhuaizhou confidently said that he could do without so many people.That night Xun Huaizhou set out with two muskets, two grenades and a few tools.They worried about him all night, but the next day, he actually carried them back.The original find huaizhou sent to find out the lu family compound, he went directly to the bedroom of lu Tuhao that night over the wall, with a shotgun against his head, let him accompany himself to go, in addition to more than a dozen guns also let people hold, the bolt to find Huaizhou custody.Find huaizhou with tuhao walked in the middle of the night, just let them put down the gun, put the people, the toss can frighten Lu Tuhao, with a few people quickly ran away.Then find huaizhou took the dozen guns and walked a few miles back to the station.When the chairman heard about it, he called him over to praise him and said he had done a good job.Red Army general to the first anti “encirclement and suppression” battle, Xunhuai Zhou participated in the Longgang battle, when the enemy into the ambush circle, only to hear him a “dozen”.Suddenly the gunshots, suddenly ambushed the enemy panic, it is not easy to organize forces to counterattack.After three hours of fierce fighting, the enemy was finally defeated, and xun Huaizhou was promoted to commander for his military achievements after the enemy’s “encirclement and suppression” attacks were crushed.Unconvinced old Chiang soon organized forces to start the second Soviet area “encirclement and suppression”, he did not know, this is to give our soldiers training, accept the rare opportunity to combat.Xun Huaizhou led the brother troops, has been in Futian, Baisha and other places and played several big victories, the battle is more and more smooth, the enemy is more and more afraid, in the second counter-” encirenciration “victory, Xun Huaizhou was directly promoted to the red 35 division commander, this year he was only 19 years old.In several anti-” siege and suppression “operations, Xun Huaizhou also served as commander of the red 45th division and the red 5th Division for revolutionary work, and successively participated in the battles of Shuikou Ping, Chijiang, Lean ‘an and Yihuang. He also won a Lenin Medal of the second class for his meritorious service.Xunhuai Zhou is so excellent, and he took the leadership team is not simple, for example, when he served as the fifth Division commander, division political commissar is Xiao Jinguang, chief of staff is Su Yu, chief of staff is deputy, can be regarded as his subordinates.His partner and subordinates later became the founding general, you say how powerful he is.In 1933, old Chiang gathered nearly a million troops and launched the fifth “encirclement and suppression” attack on the Soviet area by four routes.At that time, Xun Huaizhou is leading the red fifth division in the central Fujian fighting, but lichuan lost, Soviet defense loopholes, quickly transferred to huai Zhou department back.In October, he ordered the fifth Red Division of Xunhuaizhou and the eleventh Red Army to be organized into the seventh Red Army regiment. At the age of 21, Xunhuaizhou became the youngest commander in the history of the Red Army. Xiao Jingguang served as the political commissar of the Regiment.Under extremely difficult conditions, he entered Fujian twice, annihilated many enemy troops, captured many materials in the captured towns, and greatly supported the brother forces in the struggle against “encirclement and eradication”.But his partial victory will not alter the broader picture.By the summer of 1934, the central Soviet Area had shrunk from nearly a thousand miles across to 300 miles across.In order to relieve the pressure, Xun Huaizhou led the Red Army to the north in order to attract some of the enemy troops.They from ruijin, July till November arrived in min zhejiang-jiangxi Soviet area, after nearly four months, during the encounter the enemy under siege, in extremely difficult circumstances, still have to overcome MuYang celebrating yuan town, county, wiped out a security group, beat zhejiang security column two group’s tackle, but after months of bitter, he is also deadly,Fortunately, the red Ten army finally met successfully.In November the two armies were combined to form the Red Tenth Regiment, which, though formed as a single regiment, had no more than seven thousand men.Because of some reasons, Search Huaizhou was demoted to the red 19 division, the change of position did not affect him much, he still with a sincere heart resolutely follow the revolutionary team together.Unfortunately, the red Army regiment first battle tan Jiaqiao battle, was heavily hit, because the leader command failure, the enemy was ambushed to grasp the opportunity to readjust the deployment, the battlefield situation reversed, ambush war finally became a decisive battle, which is greatly inferior to the red Army equipment, is very unfavorable.In order to reverse the war, find Huaizhou personally with guards row for the commanding heights, division to body demonstration, personally in the line of fire, the soldiers morale shock, at one fell swang wuniguan commanding heights won back.But in the battle to find huaizhou abdomen shot, after the transfer of excessive blood loss sacrifice, his sacrifice is a huge loss of our army.To find huai chau qualifications and ability to see at that time, if he has no sacrifice, must establish greater feats in our army, no longer in the army after the founding of ten general, except that day jealous person of outstanding ability, general sacrifice early in charge on the road, actually like him there are a lot of the bled for the revolution, we now live happiness, don’t ever forget the hero’s ancestors.