Can we choose how we feel?

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The state and local governments continue to encourage two children and three children. There are still many women who are unwilling to have children or only want one child.In each reason, the media and experts have analyzed a lot, very professional.In my own experience, it’s not really that we don’t like dolls or think children are irrelevant, it’s just that we don’t have the freedom to choose for ourselves.As a woman, there is no freedom to choose the way to give birth.The legal way to have a baby is to get married.But in fact, there are too many passive marriage demand and active non-marriage demand in this world.These cannot be dealt with properly.In giving birth to baby on this matter, also do not have the freedom that pain chooses most of 3 a above hospital is do not let you choose to want natural birth or cesarean section, the standard answer is to press actual situation, press indication numerical value circumstance.In fact, the implementation is one-size-fits-all, data first, compared to ignore the maternal will and feelings.But every baby is the mother of hard labor, mother is composed of flesh and blood of the individual is not a machine, but not without feelings and data.Many women burst into tears at the thought of the grade 10 pain of a natural birth.Some people might say, what’s wrong with the pain?Isn’t that how your mother gave birth to you?There is no anesthesia in ancient times, that other people are not so painful come over?Can’t you?I really can’t.I am not my mother, I am not those great women in ancient times, I am an ordinary social young woman, is a concrete person.I have I can not bear, do not want to bear the pain and pain, I am willing to endure and willing to bear the pain and responsibility, this is me.As a person, don’t you have the right to choose pain or not?Don’t you have the right to choose your life style?Apparently there is.What do they say a baby is?I will open your ten fingers and seven layers of dissection.It sounds bloody, but it’s only for women who experience it.Although today’s hospitals have really tried to human nature, natural birth also painless delivery, but the premise is that you have to enter the labor process.You have to open at least two fingers before labor begins. If you have no or only one finger, you’ll just have to endure the excruciating pain of intensifying contractions.The amniotic fluid was almost exhausted, and there was a risk of infection that led to a caesarean section. In my case, the water broke without warning.From the time I arrived at the hospital to the time I was able to check into the delivery room, it took at least five hours.I don’t want to say more about accounting and testing procedures during the period.The amniotic fluid kept flowing, and I just didn’t have enough amniotic fluid.This led to two finger tests in the delivery room, each time bringing out a pile of amniotic fluid, each time more than the total of my own outflow, and each time the conclusion was that the uterine orificium did not open, or only opened one finger.The doctor’s judgment is that all other indicators can try to have a natural labor, in order to let me have a natural labor continuous injection of oxytocin to promote contractions.My contractions were not intense or frequent at first.With oxytocin, it goes from six or seven minutes to three, from nothing at first to super pain.Every time you go through it, you’re already scared, waiting for the next one.But during this period, they did not think of b ultrasound examination of amniotic fluid, did not consider whether amniotic fluid is still enough.About 20 hours later, I couldn’t stand it and asked for cesarean section. If I didn’t give me a painless vaginal birth because my mouth didn’t open, I worried that the amniotic fluid would be more dangerous for the baby.In this way, the hospital did not promise to only say that MY mouth did not open enough two fingers, and then several degrees of begging only promised to open B ultrasound to me for examination, if there is no amniotic fluid can only immediately arrange surgery.I finally felt hopeful and ended up with a two-hour session.One said that the bill was already opened, but the doctor who did b ultrasound had not come.After several times of despair, almost three hours finally do b ultrasound, as expected the executive doctor said to see twice, there is no amniotic fluid.That’s why they let me operate.As a result, the baby was never around and had to be sent to neonatology.Cause: Insufficient amniotic fluid or risk of infection.I don’t mean to point fingers at any particular medical staff or any particular hospital, it’s a matter of protocol and standard answers.So I would say, isn’t this risk caused by a system that idolizes metrics?That’s why yesterday I said the baby’s risk of infection and admission to neonatology were almost medical errors.Now, finally getting my daughter, finally getting my family together.I have a grudge, but no hate.I only hope that everyone can have a happy year, and that women everywhere will have more and more pain freedom and be able to choose their own way to pass on life.