Chinese Super League transfer: Sun Zhuhao and Taishan team extended contract, Meimi joined Guoan, Xie Pengfei transferred to Sanzhen

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According to the latest news, the CSL transfer window, which was originally scheduled to open on March 15, will be postponed to March 20, which also leaves plenty of time for clubs to continue to review their players. The new perspective will bring you the latest transfer developments.After Joining Beijing Guoan Xie Feng as the head coach of Beijing Guoan, and did not forget him in the hebei team, Zhang Chengdong joined Beijing Guoan, Hebei team defense core Meimisevich also want to join Beijing Guoan.Guoan are set to bring in foreign aid Dwayne Mehmisevic from Hebei on loan, the Football Daily reported.At present, hebei teams is the only team not assembled, rumors November 28 winter training startup capital has not reach the designated position, hebei teams have to sell plum mishra has to raise cash, mei mishra destiny is Beijing guoan, can be seen from the loan may mishra has, however, the national security standard is not high, to reinforce the new season has been greatly compressed the spending.Mehmishevic, 28, is a central defender who has played for Tuzla Liberation, Bijeljina Toblo and Groningen in the Bosnian league. He joined Hebei in the 2020 season and was a regular force for the club last season, averaging 88 minutes and one goal per game in 20 appearances.There is no definite conclusion whether xie Pengfei will stay in Cangzhou in the new season, but xie Pengfei, the main force of the team, will leave the team, which is not good news for Cangzhou Lions.Xie Pengfei, according to the reporter xu will set out again, toward the first leg of the career, Xie Pengfei will join the the Chinese super league club, in this year’s circumstances seem to be some “maverick”, not only early training, and great action on signings, now have come to the domestic foreign aid, is about to full training with the team.Such a commitment shows the club’s great ambitions.Xie pengfei is expected to be the core of the midfield in the new season and will bring his super League experience to the club.Can be seen from the reporters in the words of xu, the team didn’t have any Chinese super experience, that is a Chinese super championship, judging from the four promoted sides, should be three towns of wuhan, wuhan three towns as early as February 9, have begun to prepare for the new season, five foreign aid have all, meeting up with the team in the near future and three towns of wuhan on signings action is very big,Not only introduced three foreign aid, guangzhou team’s four international foot also joined wuhan three towns.Xie pengfei played 18 times for Cangzhou Lions in the Chinese Super League last season, averaging 71 minutes per game, scoring 4 goals and contributing 4 assists. His statistics are very outstanding and he is the core of the midfield of Cangzhou Team.Junmin hao, Huang Zichang players leave the wuhan team after the Spring Festival, in suzhou isolation junmin hao, in a social platform public pronouncement accused wuhan team back pay, also caused a large number of fans and media attention, then get the bo-yu Yang, Zhao Hong slightly, field according to thick, Huang Zichang, autumn leaf weight forward, it let the wuhan team is very passive, although the wuhan team immediately issued a statement,He said he owed bonuses but not wages, but fans were not impressed.”Football News” recently published an article about the current situation of Wuhan Football team, Wuhan Club publicly released the “explanation and statement on the adjustment of football investment”, also began to adjust step by step.First of all, the club has paid salaries to the players who openly asked for salary on the social platform. However, in addition to Ye Zhongqiu staying in the team, Hao Junmin, Yang Boyu, Zhao Honglue, Tian Yinong and Huang Zichang have all left the team one after another, but Wuhan Team did not issue relegation bonuses, and these players are facing arbitration free transfer.For the five players, didn’t introduce soccer daily, but from the point of view of the current Chinese super big environment, the players in the Chinese super league found a new job opportunities, junmin hao although expensive for the team’s captain, but his age has not any advantage, Huang Zichang although young, but he characteristics and similar WeiShiHao outlay, Huang Zichang can go?Quasi sun hao to renew the shandong hristo under long after the end of last season has been about recently, South Korea announced the 12 strong squad last 2 game, cloth Min led, Huang Xican, yellow YiZhu in columns, but the shandong hristo foreign aid is not selected, sun hao not selected, this also shows that sun hao, will also miss the premier league is because if there is no sun quasi hao remaining two World Cup games in South Korea,Sohn will have to wait for his chance to play in the Premier League as he cannot obtain a work permit until the summer season opens.But with luneng fans association Kang Bing fact, sun hao will die shandong hristo, Kang Bing in social media said: “sun hao league after the end of this year, has the contract with the club, at present belongs to with shandong taishan club have long about players, the club has the right to emergency call sun hao conversation back to the club, a thing it is that simple..”Sun will return to Shandong on March 24, according to his agent, Chau Kaisun.Sun junhao played 21 games for Shandong Taishan last season, averaging 86 minutes per game, scoring four goals and contributing six assists, and was the core of shandong Taishan’s midfield.