Guangxi compacted field manager is responsible for strictly protecting cultivated land resources

2022-06-20 0 By

On February 11, the reporter learned from relevant departments that since September 2021, the district fully implementing tian long system for protecting farmland, and strictly implement the party and government with responsibility for protection of farmland and grid regulation, by building long-term effective mechanism of cultivated land protection, cultivated land protection of rapid response mechanism, promote the special series of major measures, layer upon layer compaction tian long responsibility at all levels,Progress has been made in the field chief system in the whole region.In September last year, the Party Committee and government of the autonomous region issued the implementation opinions, and Guangxi became the “first echelon” in the country to fully implement the field chief system at the provincial level.In order to implement the field chief system in detail, the Department of Natural Resources of the Autonomous Region has arranged special teams to prepare for the establishment of the field chief Office of the Autonomous Region, to study and formulate implementation measures, and to coordinate and solve major problems and difficulties.We formulated and distributed supporting documents such as a three-year plan to revitalize existing land and balance the occupation and supplement of cultivated land, and led the drafting of interim measures for the assessment of the chief farmland system in the Autonomous region, compensation and incentives for the protection of cultivated land, strict control of the use of cultivated land, and a series of special actions for the protection of cultivated land.We strengthened the linkage between departments, actively coordinated administrative law enforcement and judicial work with the public, procuratorate and the Law, explored the establishment of working mechanisms such as “field chiefs + procurator-general”, “separation of judgment and execution” and joint investigation and handling of cases, and promoted the implementation of joint responsibility for farmland protection.To address the problem of “non-agricultural” and “non-food” conversion of cultivated land, the Department of Natural Resources of the Autonomous Region has established a rapid response mechanism for cultivated land protection, carried out comprehensive monitoring and supervision of natural resources, resolutely stopped illegal occupation of cultivated land for afforestation, and continuously strengthened supervision of cultivated land protection.In 2021, through the establishment of a three-dimensional monitoring system of “sky, land and people network”, a number of “non-agricultural” spots of cultivated land were found and dealt with in time.Together with the Forestry Bureau of the Autonomous Region and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, it will print and issue work plans, establish work mechanisms, jointly curb the illegal occupation of cultivated land for afforestation and afforestation, take measures such as immediate restoration of problematic spots, order correction or treatment within a specified time limit, impose fines, and investigate criminal responsibility according to law, and simultaneously organize rectification in accordance with laws and regulations.Through compaction municipality, city, county, township and village tian long responsibility at all levels, at present, guangxi to shed “room”, the neo-treasure hill villa, rural LuanZhan series of major projects such as arable land, building renovation and major infrastructure projects land use before batch rectification work of phased progress has been made and results, to protect cultivated land resources, ensuring the food security has laid a solid foundation.