In 2022 Liaoning Spring Festival Gala, Xiao Shenyang is absent. Zhang replaces “Country Love”, and Song Xiaobao closes the show

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On the evening of January 30, the Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning SATELLITE TV kicked off.As in previous years, liaoxi Spring Festival Gala, which has always been known for its language programs, launched a total of 13 programs this time, including 8 crosstalk sketches. The high intensity and the strong degree of humor are second to none in the local Spring Festival Gala.This year’s 8 language programs, although a lot of advertising implantation, the ending is generally sublimated, but overall, the joke is sufficient, in a word to describe the absence of Xiao Shenyang, Zhang replaced “Country Love”, Song Xiaobao last.From the analysis of the cast, it can be summarized as the old generation of comedians amuse themselves, the young actors are aggressive, zhao jia Class is still dominant.The old generation of comedians amuse themselves.The first language program of the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala is the crosstalk drama Colorful Liaoning. Feng Gong and Wang Zhenhua continue the style of previous years, praising the beauty of their hometown in Liaoning province, this time adding Yan Xuejing. Overall, the program is normal.In the essay “the leisure endowment regiment,” pan Yangtze river, hanlin gong, diplodocus, end up together, show period flavor is relatively strong, but turns a bit stiff, and pan Yangtze river, hanlin gong these once carried the standard old comedians alone at night in spring, now can only cluster appeared, it let person some sighs, especially their children gong of sonya and day,Although the appearance is high, but the funny level is much worse.Second, young actors “menacing”.In this year’s Liao Shi Spring Festival Gala, many young comedians came. In terms of program quality, Jia Bing, Jiang Shimeng and Yu Yang’s “Fancy Fancy” were of high quality, with creative and down-to-ground scenes, which fully interpreted parents’ concerns about their children.In addition, the big bowl of entertainment Xu Juncong, Erlonghu Zhang Hao, hip hop burden shop You Xianchao sketch “King Fried Encounter King fried” the subject matter selection is also very clever, the content is close to reality but not stereotypical, actor performance on the extreme exaggeration, there is a kind of zhao Benshan, Fan Wei “big flicker” shadow.In this year’s Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala, Guo Donglin’s works are of good quality, and his partners are also very brilliant, not only have Huang Yang, the female partner of Shen Teng Spring Festival Gala classic sketch “Today’s Happiness”, but also happy mahua ace supporting role “ex-husband brother” Du Xiaoyu, the three people reverse the burden, let people laugh.It is worth mentioning that zhang, a very famous student in the network, also participated in guo Donglin’s sketch “Brother-in-law difficult”, but only at the beginning and end of the guest, and the performance is very stiff, after all, the Spring Festival Gala stage is not his old rural house.In an interview with the host, Zhang said his online works focus on rural life in the past in order to help viewers remember the past.Speaking of rural life in northeast China, we can’t help but mention Zhao Benshan’s long-running drama Country Love. Now Country Love 14 is on the air, and this time it has introduced a new element, playing ivory Mountain on the tongue, in order to promote rural tourism.In fact, Over the years, Country Love has witnessed the development and changes of rural areas in northeast China. Ivory Mountain village used to be similar to the scene in Zhang’s shot, but time has changed, and the material life and spiritual civilization construction of Ivory Mountain village have been greatly improved.Unfortunately, in this year’s Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala stage, did not see the elements of “Village love”, it seems that Zhang is really too popular.Third, Zhao family class is still dominant.In eight language programs, zhao benshan disciple of the four, respectively is wensonic toysun, Shao Feng together “happy rice grain – I know women heart”, also provided to Gu Bing, Jiang Shimeng to extrapolate, xiao-feng song teamed up with hot yoko, xue-qin li, Zhu Tianfu come, old e mail, Song Xiaobao, poplar, jiang in Chinese fir. “I love you more than I can say.”Since Zhao Benshan withdrew from the Spring Festival Gala stage, its satisfied disciple Song Xiaobao took the sketch banner, has been the finale of the Distant Spring Festival Gala, this year is no exception, in the sketch “love you in the heart is difficult to open”, and Song Xiaobao that fatal five even ask, perhaps will become a popular language.However, in terms of the number of personnel, zhao benshan’s disciples only came to 5 this year, and once again there was no sign of little Shen Yang.According to little Shenyang’s social media platform, he participated in the 2022 Festival of Literature and art circles. As for the performance, it is not known, but probably not a sketch, after all, little Shenyang once said that he would not perform again.