In ancient times, firstborn children with children’s wives were born twins.

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Since ancient times, the royal family’s kinship has been so shallow that it seems that their eyes only have a golden throne shining in the sun.To avoid such a situation, the “primogeniture system” had been established since the Western Zhou Dynasty, meaning that only the firstborn son of a wife could inherit the family property.But if the elder brothers were twins, who should inherit the throne?It was first developed in the Western Zhou Dynasty in order to better solve the problem of choosing heir to the throne, probably largely because King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty had so many sons.Later, this system was really implemented after the establishment of the Qin Dynasty and continued until the end of the feudal dynasty. History books always show its shadow.One of the important reasons for the emergence of this system is the ancient idea of the wife’s wife and the prejudice of favoring sons over daughters. In ancient times, the rich family often had three wives and four concubines, so who should inherit the family property became a big problem.In order to solve this problem, the primogeniture system was born, which was not only in the royal family, but also in ordinary families.Because ancient people attach great importance to the hierarchy and order of children in the firstborn state, the eldest son in the firstborn state had the absolute right of speech in ancient times.Of course, there were cases in history where the royal succession was not based on the firstborn son of a wife, but most of the reason was that the firstborn son of a wife was not worthy of the throne, while the son of a wife was superior.Or the emperor’s preference for his younger son, or there were other ambitious princes in the court, so that the struggle for the throne never ceased.However, this system is not a decoration, it exists for its own reason. to some extent, the primogeniture system can well avoid family strife.Assuming, of course, that they don’t choose to fight for any number of reasons.In ancient times, there were three wives and four concubines, but there was only one wife, and all the others were concubines, and the status of concubines was actually slaves with a slightly higher status.The status of even a flat wife is far from equal to that of a straight wife. Therefore, if the system is well implemented, it can solve the problem of domestic strife from the root.Secondly, the establishment of this system allowed the emperor to be appointed early, which also let the elders know who is the focus of attention, focus on training from childhood, as long as that person is not a person with low IQ, then the future of the dynasty will have a certain guarantee.To some extent, the appearance of the primogeniture system in which the wife’s wife has the wife’s wife’s wife is inseparable from the domination of the thought of the wife’s wife having the wife’s wife’s wife’s wife, especially after the appearance of the Three cardinal principles and the Five constant principles of Confucianism, the prejudice of the wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife has become more serious.In ancient times, it was very common for some royal princes to be not necessarily the eldest son of their wives. After all, it was the fate of a country to be handed over, so would they only care about the eldest son of a wife?However, such thoughts have been engraved in people’s bones and blood, the most typical story should be the war fire of the zhou You King.King You of Zhou loved Bao Si so much that he deposed the original queen and, after appointing Bao Si, he deposed the original crown prince and appointed bao Si’s son as the crown prince.Later, king You of Zhou died, the royal palace of the West Zhou was burned down by the original queen’s clan, and the power of the West Zhou was destroyed, so the courtiers supported the original prince as the king, and the Eastern Zhou began.From this story, it is not difficult to see the status of the eldest and the inferior in the heart of the ancients. Such an idea almost became their standard of conduct. Even in private, people of the same kind would get together much.Given the importance and usefulness of having children with sons in line for primogeniture, the question arises as to who will inherit the throne if the firstborn is a male twin.In fact, this question is very easy to answer, even if the twins, there will be old and young points, but the method of differentiation is different.Some people judge by the order in which the child is born, others by the position of the two babies in the womb. Anyway, there will be one elder and one younger, and one elder and one younger, who will be the heir will be clear at a glance.Secondly, let alone how to determine the heir of the twins, the possibility of having twins in the ancient environment is very small, generally there will be no such problem, and even if pregnant, lucky to be born, it is difficult to grow up safely.Throughout history, there doesn’t seem to be a single dynasty where twins grow up safe and sound, so the problem goes away.In addition to the idea that even twins are different, there is another very important thing to consider, and that is the ancient people’s attitude towards twins.The ancients did not treat twins with the same joy as we do now. On the contrary, they thought it was a bad omen. The ancients were very careful about feng shui and superstition, especially the nobles.In the Book of Changes, it is recorded that “one is Yang and the other is Yin”. The conflict between Yin and Yang is the ideology since ancient times. The ancients believed that the reason why a child has two children is that Yin qi is too abundant, and once the child is born, it will hurt each other in the future.The common people still thought so, and the emperor regarded the twins as “double stars coming into the world”, which was regarded as a bad omen and would affect the country’s fortunes.Generally, there were only two outcomes for concubines who gave birth to twins. Either they were identified by the imperial doctor and kept the child who was in better health, or the other one was put to death or brought up by others, and the whole life had nothing to do with the royal family.Or he simply changed the identity of one of the children, saying that he had given birth to one, and that the other was also raised by other concubines, changing from the eldest son of a wife to an ordinary prince.Therefore, both from the ancient medical level, and from the ancient ideological prejudice, the occurrence of twins in the royal family is very rare.They usually die in one lifetime, or more seriously, take their mother’s family with them into the next.Therefore, in fact, the existence of twins has no impact on the existence of the primogeniture system, and ancient people did not waste time on such matters. The emperor of a country is responsible for the future of the whole country, and the choice of the emperor is actually said to be based on the eldest and the inferior, but more on the ability and character.For the ancient people, especially the imperial family, what they care about is never family affection, but who can bring the country better with the power in my hands.The existence of the primogeniture system to a certain extent prevented the emperor from fighting among sons, but also to a certain extent reduced the emperor’s choice of successor.Let alone the possible outcome of twins in ancient times, even if they are all male twins born safely and grow up safely, there will be older and younger points among them, and there will not be any choice.Moreover, in terms of the selection of ancient emperors, if he was a wise king, the final choice of emperor was more important.