Peng Ze: The production of enterprises does not stop, the Spring Festival welfare warm people’s hearts

2022-06-20 0 By

In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, in the workshop of Jiangxi Xinlian Xin Chemical Industry Co., LTD., one intelligent production line runs in an orderly manner, and the workers are full of energy and work overtime to produce all kinds of chemical fertilizers.”Due to the growth of orders at home and abroad, the production task is heavy, the company is full of energy to catch up production, grab the market, to ensure the realization of a ‘good start’, so this Spring Festival will not stop production, production.”Sun Lirui, director of the office of the company to introduce, “subsidies enterprise for employees 1000 yuan this year Spring Festival, is also planning in advance a series of cultural activities, including New Year’s eve dumplings, the Spring Festival gala, 20 games with fun games and movies, let employees to retain, stable to stay, in a style with joy, the Spring Festival.”At Pengze Heyi Chemical Co., Zou Rongxin and his wife Lai Fengying, who had planned to return to Ganzhou for the holiday, also chose to stay.But I heard that the company does not stop the news during the Spring Festival, after the couple discussed, decided to stay.Their dedication also won the understanding and support of parents on both sides.Lai fengying said that during the day, it is ok to be busy with work, but at night, I feel a little worried about my parents and homesick.”Although I will not go back home for the Spring Festival this year, my company organized various activities to welcome the Spring Festival and distributed all kinds of small gifts.We’re also going to do some sightseeing in Pengze in our spare time.”Zou has a happy smile on his face as he mentions his plans for the Spring Festival.Although in a foreign land, but not less warm.It is understood that Pengze county to strengthen all kinds of production factors during the Spring Festival guarantee, timely dispatch of enterprises during the Spring Festival overtime production and the opening and resumption of work after the holiday, strengthen key enterprises electricity, oil, gas, transport, employment and other security.”Whether the job of retaining staff is well done will directly affect the good start of the first quarter.”Penzer HongXiaoJun deputy director of the county industrial park management committee, said during the Spring Festival, industrial park, resolutely implement the 24 hour on-duty system, on duty during the festival the no production enterprise to provide a full range of security and service, at the same time, also help enterprises to do a good job of hidden perils in security and epidemic prevention and control, to ensure that the enterprise in the normal and orderly production during the festival, MaoJin sprint “good start” the Chinese New Year.