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Tourists visit the Haichang Dream City in Sanya, south China’s Hainan Province, Feb. 2, 2019.It is reported that various scenic spots in Sanya integrate “culture + tourism” and “festival + tourism” and hold numerous activities to promote the development of night tourism in Sanya.On February 1, at about 19 o ‘clock, Chongqing girl Wang Xiaoxiao and her boyfriend ended a day of play, came to Sanya “find street” food block to feast.Colorful ancient lanterns, small and exquisite red lanterns, firecrackers like small lanterns……Standing at the door of the block to look inside, colorful lanterns layer upon layer, colorful, just like a sea of flowers.Seeing such a beautiful scene, Wang xiaoxiao, like many other tourists, couldn’t help but stop to watch and take photos.As the first island treasure food block in Sanya, “Mijie” not only has abundant food and snacks, but also introduces cheap seafood supermarkets, bistro, flower shops and other shops. It gathers fashionable goods, artistic aesthetics and other diversified commercial elements to create a new scene of night tourism consumption in Sanya and provide more choices for citizens and tourists in the night life.Iron plate squid, seafood fried rice, roasted durian, clear buliang…There are more than 40 snack bars along the 100-meter long street, where diners come and go.People sit around a table, drinking, eating, watching the night, or having a family reunion, or chatting with friends.”After mijie opened, MY friends and I often came to the neighborhood bistro to drink and chat.”Ivan, from Russia, ordered three bottles of beer, a plate of edamame beans and peanuts and sat around a table with friends at the Hi PI bar in a corner of Mijie street. “I like it here. I feel relaxed,” he said.As the night economy continues to heat up to meet the consumption needs of tourists, mijie’s diversified business forms also drive the merchants to increase their income and become rich.”Now my customers are not only young people, but also old people with grandchildren and more and more foreign faces.””During the Spring Festival, there are a lot of customers. We can sell about 10,000 pieces of duck neck a day. Business is booming,” said a shop assistant.In addition to the pursuit of food, the demand for cultural entertainment is also growing.During the Spring Festival this year, sanya’s scenic spots will integrate “culture + tourism” and “festival + tourism” and offer a variety of new forms of night tourism to boost the development of night tourism in Sanya.Turning to the side of Haitang Bay, the Haitian Ferris Wheel, known as the “eye of Sanya”, rotates over the gorgeous Haichang Dream City. Tourists are screaming on the ferris wheel, experiencing the romantic night scene brought by the sea and stars, waves and moonlight.New optimization and upgrade of Sanya Phoenix Mountain and Sea Fantasy night, immersive interactive experience allows tourists to enjoy the beauty of mountain and sea fantasy night;Sanya eternal Love, C show and other night performances have different styles to meet the needs of tourists with different consumption preferences;Sanya Nanshan Culture and Tourism Zone has launched “Nanyangfei” light music, dance, poetry and painting drama, float parade, flash MOBS and other activities, allowing people to explore the charm of Tang Fengsheng and appreciate the charm of art in the leisurely zen music and dance.(Sanya, February 2) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: