To the youth!”Song of Youth” hand-ledger relay is in full swing, waiting for you to join us

2022-06-20 0 By

Interchange news “song of Youth” hand ledger relay is hot collection!So far, we have received many beautiful works from netizens, adding wonderful “notes” to the “song of youth”.”To accept the world as it is, to accept life as it is, without losing faith or hope…”Zhang Jiaojiao, a net user, wrote down her thoughts on youth and life in her work.We also selected three photos sent by netizens backstage to have a look – “Let the light of youth illuminate the way forward!””Better chase the wind when it comes.””The future is still long, live up to yourself!”…What does youth look like in your eyes?What are your expectations for the future?Why don’t you write it down and tell us?Please click on the picture below and send it to us via the “Song of Youth” account.Let’s witness youth China together here!Xinhua Daily · Intersection reporter Ding Ding Planning: Ren Songyun Tian Mei Du Xueyan Copywriting: Ding Ding Wu Yingqing Art Editor: Zhu Danqing Technology: Lu Fei Zhang Shenren Video: Cao Jiarui Wang Yuemou Yu Qin Yong Zongqi Zhou Xiaoyu Zhou Tianqi