China continues to encourage the elderly to get vaccinated

2022-06-21 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, April 7 (Reporter Xu Penghang Gu Tiancheng)COVID-19 prevention and control is still a complex and grave situation in China. COVID-19 vaccination and effective personal protection are effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic.Experts say vaccination against COVID-19 can effectively reduce the risk of severe illness and death in the elderly.Can people over 60 get COVID-19 vaccine if they have underlying diseases?What do the elderly have to pay attention to vaccinate?Experts under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council responded to hotspot issues.By April 5, more than 224 million people aged 60 or older had been vaccinated, more than 212 million had completed full-course vaccination, and more than 146 million had completed intensive immunization, said Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the DISEASE control and Prevention Bureau under the NHC.Lei said that in order to further organize the vaccination work of the elderly, the vaccination work has been rearranged and rearranged recently, and some provinces have innovated the service model in practice.Wang Huaqing, chief expert of the Immunization program of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the incidence of adverse reactions reported by people aged 60 and above is lower than that of other age groups.Wang Huaqing suggested that people with chronic underlying diseases and those who are taking drugs, if in the acute onset of chronic diseases, it is recommended to slow down the vaccine.What if older people cannot be vaccinated due to special conditions?Wang said protective measures should be taken to avoid crowded places, reduce contact with strangers, wear masks and keep hands clean during the epidemic.