Colorful spring

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Flowers open for the heart, the heart with the flower.Colorful spring, colorful mood.Like the sun cast mottled shadows on the ground, like the light rain splash on the sound of flowers.Streams, Bridges, and hazy distances buried in mist, tell me tales of spring and the true meaning of peace.I want to embrace the spring scenery of heaven and earth, watering my gradually confused life.Invisible colorless wind, down the hill, across the river, gently brushed my face.Transparent wind brought transparent everything, including blowing green grass and trees, dyed red flowers, and so many yellow, pink, warm orange, cold purple, bright.The wind rustle for me to bring a colorful spring, I will sit in the wind to pray, wish the landscape of spring forever, wish the world of spring forever.Summer is too crazy, autumn is too sad, winter is too hard, only spring is just right, warm, soft, beautiful.Spring comes quietly, from a few breezes, from a few drizzle, from a few silk green.Quietly must be slowly to come, must be beautiful to come, then his eyes overflow, then the body and mind fall.Quietly spring has a silent warm, there is a silent care.Long way of life is subtle, just spring is always feeling.Barren, stiff and cold are covered by the distant spring light.The time to a beautiful, colorful landscape, colorful flowers, colorful birds, everything will be in the color meaning.Want to touch the temperature of spring, want to measure the width of spring.From my joyful look back, a flower from left eye to right eye, so I saw the gorgeous, I understand the meaning of color.After all, all the color meaning for you, you are the vast spring scenery in the most provocative a genie.Another jiangnan Spring.Eye-catching drunk is the willow, all in the shore, filar silk wrapped in the wind.In March, spring breeze is like cutting, cutting willows countless.Heavy willow smoke dyed spring, light yellow light green coagulation mist.The most sad place, smoke disappear willow decline without moving.Pear blossom, eyes round white, the bottom of my heart waves of surprise.Everywhere is furry, wet, such as snow pear let me know what is the rich and vigorous life.Suddenly inexplicable underground from the niumao drizzle, hit on the petals, fell in the eyebrows, more lined out of the clean pear, more fully out of the meng of heaven and earth.At this time of spring is close, the pear here is good publicity.Washed away the barren mountain, minus the cold river, a rain began to embellish this spring.Always looking forward to such a grand spring, so that the joy of reincarnation filled all the gaps of life.Flower seeds in the rain give birth to tender bud tip, small grass in the rain shake out green beauty.See dim replaced by bright, see dry color covered by color, I always stand in this vast rain.Like a spring, the heart has its own warmth.Like to go up in green tonal hook hook wipe, leave me incomparable poetry.A window profusion, lit hidden warmth;A school of spring, reveal the charming heart.Interpret romance with warmth, with obsession graceful years.The breath of spring, the breath of poetry, the tide of beauty, frequently beats at midnight upon my soul.Warbler chirping, swallow coming, spring is exciting.Mountain cui Stream urgent, the beginning of the willow, year after year phase dream, year after year meditation.After all once with the cloud, the tearful eyes lean on the column empty stay hate.In the south, the sunset is clear.Small courtyard spring scenery, flowers fall birds fly.String song another song, drunk three cups.Fengyue yingyunyu, sweet dream to whom?Spring is divided into two halves: the half cold and the half warm, the first spring in the half cold, and the spring in the half warm.In the eyes of spring there is always the joy of the first, spring dye color, spring swing people.Enchanting spring, short spring, is the most beautiful season of the year.Don’t want to live up to, just want to be together, with you equally this season of colorful, with you drunk this charming scene all the way.April rain, April love.April showers fall on the ground, April thoughts remain in the heart.A fragrance through the mist, a grace through time.Pieces of flowers worry, drops of rain without temperament.The most beautiful is April, the deepest is April love.You and I have April, April spring infinite good;Life has a dream, the dream is easy to break the heart.No shock, no disturbance, only a glance.The lake is full of spring and the ground is green.Where the sound of the warm white moonlight.A red hide in the wind, half green hide in the rain.Mottled thoughts, will eventually through fangfei’s garden to you.A flashy promise, fell into a gentle river.I just came for you. I just waited for you.Green wind, bamboo deep.Under the moon, in a piece of bamboo shadow, you stood gently like that, laughing like a flower.With the spring, the light, and your shadow, I clearly see the past that has vanished, and the brightness of the river, the softness of the grass, the wind at night, and a secret that hides in each other’s hearts