NBA April Fool’s Day biggest joke!19 years ago Cuban directed and starred in a clash with the referee

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April Fool’s Day is another April Fool’s Day, a holiday that has produced some of the most memorable joke moments in the NBA’s 75-year history.The best April Fool joke in league history, of course, was 19 years ago.On April 1, 2003, the Hornets were in a timeout at Dallas with 8:51 left in the second quarter and the Mavericks leading 27-26.Mavs owner Mark Cuban seemed unhappy with the call and began to argue with the referee.Everyone is well aware of Cuban’s outsized temper and refereeing theories.However, things gradually took a very strange turn.Cuban zigzagged and shoved the referee after several fruitless arguments.After Cuban’s two and three provocations, the referee began to fight with Cuban.The two men got tangled up and began to fight. The Mavericks’ players saw the situation was wrong and immediately stepped forward to pull away the two men to avoid further deterioration.The umpire, whose anger was at its peak after being pulled away by “big Stick” Bradley, gave the order to eject Cuban.Cuban was so angry that he tried to come forward and hit the referee again.Cuban was pulled again, and the Mavs, fearful that Cuban would continue to cause trouble, eventually pulled him to the bench, away from the referee.When Cuban returned to the bench, there was drama.When Cuban’s smile began to spread across his face and he broke into uncontrollable laughter, they realized they had been fooled when the announcement was made that it was April Fool’s Day.It was an April Fool’s day joke, and the referee who clashed with Cuban was also a cast member.Not a real judge.In fact, if you look carefully, you can see a lot of flaws in this fake judge. There is no referee’s unique back number on his clothes, and the huge patch is very eye-catching.Moreover, the fake referee’s clothes were made of different materials and styles from those of ordinary judges, which are clues Cuban left to the scene.Even Bradley, who was on the court for the first time, showed no signs of panic as he pulled away from the referee and even smiled.The way he put his arm around the referee was like a cuddle between two good friends, which Cuban had arranged.But suddenly, many in the audience couldn’t care less about those details.After all, buying tickets to come in and see a dramatic clash is a big money proposition for every football fan.No one would have thought that this level of banter was possible in a serious game.From the look on his face, Mavericks assistant coach “Silver Fox” Harris took the confrontation seriously, laughing when he realized he’d been played. Cuban immediately put his arm around his shoulder and told him to relax.Harris shook his head.Nineteen years later, it’s still the league’s best April Fool’s joke, picked up by major video sites every year at this time of year, and the model of April Fool’s joke in North America.Cuban, of course, said “Happy April Fool’s Day” to the fans.(Text/Yuwen Basketball)