Yang Ying is silent to do big things, up to five TV dramas to be broadcast, the number of 85 flowers

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Although Angelababy’s acting skills have been mocked many times, her resources have never dropped out. At present, she has a total of five TV dramas in her hands, making her the largest number of 85 TV dramas to be broadcast. Let’s take a look!Yang Mi has two upcoming TV series, the 20 or 80 rules of love and Thank you doctor.The two TV plays are all about modern themes.Yang Mi plays a lawyer and a doctor in the two TV series. She costars with xu Kai, a younger actor, and bai Yu, a post-90s actor, in the law of love.Haven’t seen Yang Mi’s modern drama for a long time, see the big power to do business, can be said to be quite cool, the key is the beauty of modelling, makeup is delicate, especially those bright big eyes is really good, Yang Mi pick drama has always been no problem, look good on her.Zhao Liying side also has two good plays, one is happiness to ten thousand, one is wild growth.Transformation, the two series are all happy to m director chose li-ying zhao, certainly not because traffic, there is one more important reason is that li-ying zhao is acting was brilliant in the flow of people, eyes firm, play each role is very touching, fans, nature also have a number of sunspots, but li-ying zhao acting, no doubt,We just need some transformational work.Liu Yifei has two representative works, one is Menghualu, the other is nanyanzhai records, one is the theme of ancient costume, the other is the theme of the Republic of China.In fact, the transcripts of Nanyanzhai on the theme of the Republic of China are also expected by the audience for a long time, and have already been finished. Although it is the theme of the Republic of China, it also involves some other elements, and the actors are very good in acting, so the sense of expectation is very strong.The recording of Nam Yan-jae has not been aired because it may have been buried under the influence of one of the actors.However, Menghualu should soon be able to top, we can still look forward to Liu Yifei sister’s ancient costume.Song Qian has two TV series, one is dear life, one is everyone knows I love you.Dear Life has a good cast. In addition to Song Qian, there are also two powerful actresses, Wang Xiaochen and Hu Xinger.However, doctor dramas are easy to mock, and should be treated with caution because they involve professional and professional aspects.Everyone knows I love you is a modern theme of love drama, cooperation xu Weizhou.Xu Weizhou these two years of TV drama is also quite a lot, cooperated with Qiao Xin, Jing Tian, Gulina za, Tan Songyun and others, this cooperation Song Qian.What about the CP of these two people?All of the above actors have two pending TV series, which is a pretty good resource.Angelababy has five TV shows in the pipeline, some of which have small roles, but she is popular and closely watched.Angelababy on the five TV series are the fairy drama and Ma Tianyu cooperation, cooperation with Wang Anyu short suspense drama Film tracing, cooperation with Sun Yi and others in the wind longxi, and cooperation with Ren Jialun twilight heart about, and a love should look like.Costume dramas, xianxia dramas, modern dramas and suspense dramas are all available.This resource has no problem, do not know namely early already finished the dusty predestination when can go up?Reuters modelling is quite ok, I hope to give some more strength in acting.