Blow the horn for the Winter Olympics!Tsingtao Brewery, one of the sponsors of the Olympic Games, added to the cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics

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As the only official sponsor of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Shandong province, tsingtao Beer is also the sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. What kind of “frozen love” will tsingtao Beer have with the Winter Olympic Games?This “ice and snow date”, the unique charm of the century-old Tsingtao beer brand, the theme products incorporating ice and snow elements and the creative voice will be fully displayed.”Even if I can’t be there, it will be a wonderful experience to have my voice heard at the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Sun Di, a resident of Xi ‘an, thought tsingtao brewery’s campaign “Let the Winter Olympics ring with your cheering voice” was very meaningful and recorded his heartfelt wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics.With the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics 50 days away, Tsingtao beer launched a campaign of “Let the Winter Olympics Ring your cheering voice” in 19 provinces and cities in China, including Hebei, Shandong, Guangdong, Heilongjiang and Shaanxi.15 big event in winter Olympic Games competitions for thematic elements, and for each of the games are contests with exclusive sports spirit, make people cheer in participating in activities around at the same time, the scene feeling games sports atmosphere, still have a chance to win a limited edition of the games gold “ice mound mound” pendants, the games are, tsingtao games, ice tank, mail, and prizes.Through the mobile phone scan code login to collect H5, you can use the local characteristics of refueling voice, text and so on for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Tsingtao Beer co., Ltd. will cooperate with Beiao Group to broadcast the games in the Olympic stadium to cheer athletes all over the world.Under the epidemic situation, many ice and snow sports fans and winter Olympics fans cannot come to the site in person, but their words of “refueling” can cross the distance of time and space, and have the opportunity to directly arrive at the site.”Tsingtao beer is taking this wave very seriously.”Ice and snow lover Ning Aina said, a cheer, short and powerful, more than a thousand words.Launch the games ice tank With brewing strength cheer for the games in one hundred as the official sponsor of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, Qingdao beer for the national games are ice tank products, consumers and offer products and services for the Beijing Olympics bring guests from all over the world on the tip of the tongue chang shuang enjoy, show the Chinese brand of fashion and vitality.”Tsingtao beer’s ice and snow cans tailored for the Winter Olympics are an innovative way to popularize the Winter Olympics to the public.”Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee market development department deputy minister Gu Haoning said.The beer wears a “ice and snow suit” that integrates the elements of winter Olympics ice and snow. On the classic green can, white athletes are light and full of power. The Qingdao Beer Winter Olympics Ice and snow can skillfully represent the 15 official competitive events of the Winter Olympics, such as figure skating, short track speed skating, ski jumping, steel bobsled…In addition, small words in Both Chinese and English will be added to the body of the jar to popularize the Winter Olympics to the public and spread ice and snow culture and Olympic spirit.Featured custom winter Olympics ice and snow cans, relying on the quality and innovation strength of beer.No. 56 Dengzhou Road, Qingdao city, is located in the old factory when The Qingdao beer factory was established in 1903. Relying on modern intelligent equipment, the inheritance of primitive simplicity and innovation of science and technology are interwoven and blended here.Qingdao beer winter Olympics ice and snow cans, is born here.”We have customized the QR code for the winter Olympics cans, which can quickly trace the whole process of each can from malt to finished product, thus ensuring the gold quality of the Winter Olympics ice cans.”Zhang Pei, chief brewer of Tsingtao Beer, said 60,000 cans of winter Olympics ice and snow are rolling off the smart production line every hour.In this way, a pot of winter Olympics ice and snow pot melting ice and snow sports knowledge, become the carrier of ice and snow culture, was sent to the shelves across the country, presented to the table of thousands of families.Beyond the Olympic venues, tsingtao beer elements can be found everywhere — tsingtao beer festival on ice, TSINGTAO1903, the ice-themed tsingtao bar, and the ice and snow country tide gathering bar, bringing ice and snow sports into the ordinary life.Tsingtao is the “Olympic sponsor” of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.It has always been the responsibility and mission of the company to spread ice and snow culture and Olympic spirit.In Zhangjiakou Miyuan Yunding Park, one of the venues of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Tsingtao Beer created the winter Olympics experience trip — the world’s first “Ice Beer Festival”. Consumers from all over the country witnessed the passion and vitality of combining fashion ice and snow sports with food, wine and music passion.In April 2021, Tsingtao brewery and Winter Olympic champion Yang Yang skied a huge “Snow Declaration” in Altay, Xinjiang, the birthplace of human skiing, to pay tribute to the Winter Olympics.Since May, Tsingtao Beer has launched the “Let’s Get Together for ice and Snow” tour in 18 cities, bringing ice and snow elements such as icebergs and penguins to city centers, and successively introducing new products such as “Ice and Snow Can” and “Ice and Snow Blind box”.The countdown to the opening ceremony of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is 50 days. Tsingtao Beer co., Ltd. and the central video “Snow and ice Legend Champion Is Coming” will talk about the snow and ice legend with several world champions of China’s snow and ice sports and connect the coastal city of Qingdao, so that more citizens and snow and ice sports fans can participate in the snow and ice sports personally.Through games theme of high quality products, immersive snow’s themes and the theme of the ice and snow culture activities, Qingdao beer is using the practical action to practice power “led three hundred million people participate in snow and ice movement” of responsibility and mission, and continuously push snow sports, the promotion of ice and snow culture Beijing 2022 Olympics, is bound to open a new era of the world’s ice and snow sports.Tsingtao beer will do its best to cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics with its century-old brand charm, themed products with ice and snow elements and creative cheering videos.In the Spring Festival and winter Olympic passion collision, while drinking beer, while cheering for the Winter Olympic athletes, together with the Winter Olympic Games.