Good news!The 19-year-old wuhan goalkeeper has joined Bayern Munich, already training with the club, and is valued at around 1 million euros

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Bayern Munich is one of the most famous clubs in Europe. The club is 122 years old and has won the Bundesliga 31 times, the Champions League 6 times and the Club World Cup 2 times.There is no doubt that such a powerful club will not introduce “mixed son” to retirement, and the team also appeared lewan old driver such fierce people.In addition, Bayern also attaches great importance to youth training, many good young players from Bayern.Some time ago, there was a good news, 19 year old Wuhan goalkeeper Liu Shaoziyang has officially joined Bayern Munich, has also been training with the team.On January 30, 2022, bai Guohua, a famous media personality, reported through his personal social media platform that liu Shaoziyang, 19, has completed all the formalities and has officially joined Bayern, and has been training with the TWO different age groups of U19 and U21.Bayern have decided to make a permanent move for the young goalkeeper, according to the youth director of bayern, Sauer, who said liu’s performance during the trial was very good and fit the team’s requirements.Bayern attach great importance to youth training, the previous training of Lahm, Mueller, kroos and other stars, but also attaches great importance to the goalkeeper position, such as Karlsruhe youth produced kahn has been bayern reuse.It is understood that bayern Munich paid a transfer fee of around 1 million euros for the 19-year-old liu.Before that, Xiao Liu has been in wuhan three towns echelon team.In 2014, Liu Shaoziyang in the Three towns echelon team showed a good talent.In 2016, Wuhan sent him directly to The famous soccer city Barcelona for training. This brief opportunity of “studying abroad” also exposed him to the advanced soccer concepts of Spain.In 2019, he was selected to the U16 national team. He also participated in the China-Russia Games and helped China beat their opponents with 5 goals, during which he made many excellent saves.Liu Shaoziyang is a promising star nurtured by Wuhan Sanzhen, the 2021 Season champion of China’s Top league.In the 2021 season, there are 18 teams in The Chinese Super league, and many giants are not afraid of spending money in order to exceed, but Sanzhen is very strong, they directly win in advance, without pressure to rise to the Chinese Super League.Now many teams only pay attention to the purchase of big-name foreign aid in order to rush or avoid relegation, but often ignore the training of local youth players, but Wuhan sanzhen still attaches importance to the construction of youth training, Liu Shaoziyang is the best proof.About 20 years ago, Yang Chen successfully landed in the German Bundesliga and went to Frankfurt, becoming one of the representatives of China’s successful overseas study.Liuyang 94 games directly scored 21 goals, including the German Bundesliga 65 games 16 goals, these are Yang Chen set the data, if to a Chinese player identity to the rating, Yang Chen has calculated performance to force, at least than today’s native brother Wu Lei much more powerful.In the past, because of the large number of overseas players, the overall level of The National football team can be ranked among the top in Asia. Now, only when there are more players like Liu Shaoziyang who travel to Europe can The Chinese football team rise.Hope the Chinese football team can return to the top of Asia one day.