Hangzhou Shangcheng district rent “three free and three half” policy, Sijiqing block merchants can enjoy it?

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The hangzhou multiple counties are distributed free no rent tax reduction after the “package”, the evening of April 6, hangzhou uptown also released the state-owned houses rent reduction policy – the small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households renting uptown administrative institutions, belongs to state-owned enterprises (state-owned wholly-owned, state-owned and state-owned enterprises in the actual control of state-owned business real estate,In 2022, three months ‘rent will be exempted and three months’ rent will be halved (hereinafter referred to as “three exemptions and three halving”).”The rent-reduction policy in uptown has been expanded to include administrative institutions (including subdistricts and management committees) in addition to state-owned enterprises.”Shangcheng City Bureau of Finance state-owned enterprise operation supervision branch fang Cui in an interview with silver Persimo financial reporters said.The rent reduction policy “gift package” in the upper city district has attracted the attention of the merchants in the Clothing market in Sijiqing Block, which had been closed for two weeks due to the epidemic. Some merchants asked the reporter whether the rent reduction policy is also applicable to the merchants in Sijiqing Block.(see the silver persimmon financial previously reported the “goods into not to” opened “no”, hangzhou sijiqing market merchants sit not to live “), party extraction, told reporters that as a result of a real estate market sijiqing block does not belong to state-owned business real estate, but belong to the collective economic co-operation social, personal, etc., so the rent reduction policy does not cover the sijiqing street merchants,Its specific policy of reduction and exemption needs property right and lessee both sides to negotiate.”Under the epidemic situation, the policy of state-owned housing rent reduction issued by uptown is just playing a leading role in encouraging and guiding private enterprises to reduce the rent of commercial tenants.”The reporter noticed that under the influence of the policy of “three exemptions and three halving” in the upper city, the market side in the area has begun to take action.On April 7, Hangzhou Zhongxing Service City Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Sijiqing Clothing Market respectively released rental reduction plans for market outlets in order to alleviate the business difficulties brought by the epidemic.Among them, Hangzhou Zhongxing Service City Co., LTD. ‘s rent reduction plan is as follows: by April 7, 2022, the lease term of the “property lease contract” has not been extended for two months free of charge.If any merchant does not renew the lease at the expiration of the contract, two months ‘rent will be refunded according to the rent standard agreed in the contract.Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing market promises to “reduce the rent for self-operated households and sublet households (the reduction policy is enjoyed by the actual households) for two months, and the rent will not increase in 2023.”The reduction and exemption mode is as follows: for merchants who renew their lease in 2023, the reduction and exemption shall be deducted before the end of December 2022;If the lease is not renewed in 2023, the refund will be made before the end of December 2022.In addition, if subleasing is involved, the market party, the subleasing operator and the subleasing tenant all agree, the above reduction and exemption policies will be implemented, and the amount of rent reduction and exemption is the actual expenditure of the operator for two months.