Ruichang Baiyang Town health center: Spring Festival I am on duty to protect health and do not close

2022-06-22 0 By

Jiujiang news network news (tu hao) in this together, sharing tianlun, in order to ensure the area residents have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the alamo institutes of medical workers, with “not close” sincere service 24 hours shift stick to jobs, strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure the safety of residents and the patient’s life.Pre-hospital prevention and control work is “open”.Pre-examination and triage, fever sentinel clinic and nucleic acid sampling site are carried out in an orderly manner every day. Health code is checked and travel history of patients is carefully questioned to ensure closed-loop management of patients with fever.Daily medical services are “open”.The town hospital staff as a whole do their prevention and control, emergency disposal and on duty shift work, stick to service jobs, the warmest service for the examination of patients, patients with peace, is the best wishes for the medical staff, also let us in clinic, the medical workers more understanding and more caring,Let them experience more warmth on the holiday post.Night duty rotation “open”.Whenever patients need, the hospital staff on duty will still stick to the ‘medical’ line in a hurry, they are full of enthusiasm, stick to their responsibilities, with the great love of the medical heart silently escort the health of patients.”I know everyone will stick to it during the Spring Festival, and the number of patients will continue to increase, and the workload will also increase. As a young person, as a professional technician, I am duty-bound.””Said Dr. Wang, the doctor on duty.