Since the fourth quarter of 2021, the cooling of the national real estate market has driven the cooling of the property market in Xi ‘an

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Reporters yesterday from the National Bureau of Statistics xi ‘an investigation team learned that since the fourth quarter of 2021, the national real estate market has cooled significantly, in the national real estate market cooling environment, affecting xi ‘an real estate market cooling.Housing market supply enough residents choose space increase since the fourth quarter of 2021, in 70 large and medium-sized cities in the country, there are more than seventy percent of the city of new commodity housing sales price fell, there are more than ninety percent of the city second-hand housing sales price fell, under the circumstances of the national real estate market cooling, the influence of xi ‘an to cool the property market.Relevant data show that since 2021, the number of new commercial residential units available for sale in Xi ‘an has remained at a high level, with the monthly number remaining above 90,000 units, an increase of 9.7% over the previous year. Among them, the number of new commercial residential units available for sale in December broke through 100,000 units, an increase of 8% over the previous month and 23% over the same period last year.In terms of turnover, the turnover of new commercial residential buildings in Xi ‘an in December was 38% lower than a year earlier.The second-hand housing sales market has been cooling, coupled with the increasingly severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, the city has implemented closed management since midnight on The 23rd, the second-hand housing transaction volume fell again, hitting a new low in December, the second-hand housing transaction volume fell 22.3% compared with last month, 64.7% compared with the same period last year, 70.4% compared with the peak of the year in April.Land market to cool prices expected blocked since 2021, xi ‘an, in accordance with the “limit prices, quality, competitive price” way for to concentrate, according to the relevant departments, as of December, has been set for three times, clinch a deal from the land, in three of the concentration and listing-for-sale, among them, the early termination of the 8.9% transfer,6.3% of the lots failed to be auctioned, and 84.8% of the lots were sold at the reserve price. The average premium rates of the first and second batches of land for centralized land supply were 7.1% and 0.9%, respectively. The third round of centralized land supply was all sold at the reserve price.In December 2021, affected by the outbreak of the epidemic, the sales market of new commercial residential buildings in Xi ‘an continued to cool down, with fewer visits from the sales department and slower sales speed, especially the sales speed of large-family residential buildings in some buildings.According to a survey of 10 major real estate development companies, 60 percent of them reported a decrease in the number of sales department visitors compared to the previous month.Eighty percent reported slower sales this month compared with a year earlier.In the 10 key survey of the real estate, the average opening rate of 68.7%, among them, 4 real estate demineralization rate below 40%, the lowest demineralization rate is only 17%.Second hand residential transaction cycle lengthened, listing price decreased, according to 10 key real estate brokerage survey, 90% of enterprises reflect the fourth quarter compared with the last quarter of the second hand residential transaction cycle lengthened;80% of enterprises reflect that the second-hand residential sales bargaining space increased;70% of the companies reported that the average listing price decreased in this month compared with the previous month;90% of enterprises feel that second-hand housing prices fell six months ago.