The death of Li Chungang in the snow?Queen Fairy?The answer is surprising

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Welding knife line of “snow” in the presence of independent character of Li Chungang, river’s lake before the age of 30 is Li Chungang one’s river’s lake, this sentence is the original, Li Chungang kendo talent is nearly five hundred years old do kendo, since one thousand, the only one par kendo Lv Zu, though not syrmosaurus like general born king kong, but also the 16th annual revenues king kong,Although not Deng Taia general refers to the mystery invincible, can be 19 years old into the mystery, far beyond Deng Taia, but also 24 years old into the celestial realm, 30 years old a foot into the land gods, understand the sword to open the gate of heaven such a unique.Before he was 30 years old, Li Chungang could be said to lead the trend of the whole jianghu. Why there are so many swordsmen in the jianghu snow is because of the existence of Li Chungang, the leader of the swordsmanship.His charm peerless, original two sleeve blue to lead the river’s lake coquette. even wang Xianzhi originally read because of Li Chungang and step into the river’s lake, li Chungang at that time the first day.However, the li Chungang myth ends in a duel in which lvpao, one of the four great masters, challenges him to a duel in which he mistakenly kills lvpao, who is determined to die.Finally, the green robe fell in the hands of Li Chungang, he eagerly took her to the Longhu Mountain, but did not see Qi Xuan frame green robe son died, li Chungang and Qi Xuan frame on the road, Li Chungang put his sword to use to open the gate of heaven was broken by Qi Xuan frame, this war Li Chungang was defeated.In fact, why did Li Chungang lose to Qi Xuan Frame?On the one hand, the death of the green robe led to his mental disorder, on the other hand, because he is really not qi Xuan frame’s opponent, even if he is in his prime, after all, Qi Xuan frame is the reincarnation of Lv Dongxuan, can be called the existence of the ceiling of the world, who can be the enemy?Even the later Wang Xianzhi was not qi’s opponent. Although Lao Wang once said that he had studied a trick to deal with Hong Xixiang and Qi Xuanframe, Lao Wang after yi Jia Zi was not qi xuanframe’s opponent from the author’s words.After that, Li Chungang went down the mountain and was seriously injured again. He met With Sui Slanting Valley and the two ended up fighting each other, exchanging arms with Sui Slanting Valley. Li Chungang remained silent for many years.Decades later, after protecting Xu Fengnian, he gradually regained his strength.However, li Chungang finally stepped into the realm of swordsmen on land. Although he was defeated by Wang Xianzhi, li Chungang reached the realm of heaven and man on land in the battle of Guangling River, which was worthy of the name of swordsmen.Many people believe that green robe son died while make Li Chungang decadent for decades, but also accomplished Li Chungang, of course, part of that Li Chungang if not for green robe of death, and the river’s lake earlier than xian-zhi wang, talent is better than Lao wang, the results did not at the moment of their most daring retreat and then Li Chungang xian-zhi wang can’t chase,Li Chungang today should be better than his king Xianzhi.After all, a rising sun sets, overshadowing the entire river’s lake.But is this really the case?Is green robe son achievement Li Chungang, or Wang Xianzhi leak?I think it was li Chungang’s death, not Wang Xianzhi’s.The reason is very simple. First, Li Chungang entered the realm of jianxian with one foot at the beginning, but he did not enter the realm of jianxian for a long time. This requires not only good luck, but also the understanding of the state of mind that he is walking the way of jiando, not the way of jianshu.Wang Xianzhi beat Li Chungang before jia Zi, but that was li Chungang’s mercy, he gradually surpassed Li Chungang later, the East China Sea Li Chungang is stronger than li Chungang before Jia Zi, he was already a land swordsman at that time.Second Wang Xianzhi is the reincarnation of the White emperor, although a late bloomer, but his upper limit is much higher than countless fighters, he is the only one can and Lv Dongxuan comparable figures.Li Chungang’s talent is very strong, but it is not as good as Lv Dongxuan’s. Lv Dongxuan practiced sword and heaven, which became the ceiling of the world. It is only a matter of time before Li Chungang is surpassed by Wang Xianzhi.In fact, this point can be seen from wang Xianzhi’s seven challenges to Li Chungang that Wang Xianzhi’s strength is fast, faster than Li Chungang, strength steadily improved, even if Li Chungang did not kill the green robe, even at the peak, the outcome is surpassed by Wang Xianzhi.To sum up, I personally think that although the death of Green Pao made Li Chungang decadent for several decades, it also made Li Chungang successful, but the price was too huge.What do you think about that?Comments are welcome.