This moment will leave a deep and colorful chapter in Olympic history

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Wind and rain send spring, snow to spring.On February 4, the start of spring, athletes from 91 participating countries (regions) gathered in Beijing to welcome the historic moment at the “Bird’s Nest” national Stadium, which witnessed the Olympic Double Games.During the opening ceremony, six actors hit the virtual ball into the ice Cube. The ice broke and melted slowly, and the Olympic rings with the texture of ice crystals broke out of the ice, as if the world was inspired by the Olympic spirit to remove barriers and integrate with each other.The snow and ice carved “China Door” slowly opened, wearing blue and white “tiger hat” guide first appeared, holding aloft by the “Chinese knot” design series snowflake guide board, “Greece” in the transparent snow glowed with ice blue light.A “snow” entrance was opened.The first delegation from Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Movement, demonstrates its unique contribution to the Olympic cause.The host delegation is the customary last to march in.The Italian delegation, which will host the next Winter Olympics, was the last to march.Other delegations march in alphabetical order according to the number of strokes of their names in simplified Chinese characters.For many athletes, the Games have been a dream come true.Canada’s 37-year-old short-track speed skating veteran Charles Hamelin will start his fifth and final Winter Olympics in Beijing.More than nine months ago, the triple Gold medalist said he wasn’t sure how much longer he would compete on the ice but hoped to make it to the Beijing Games.”I am glad that the Beijing Winter Olympics have not been postponed due to the epidemic, which has made my training rhythm more stable.”Fontana of Italy, known as the “evergreen tree” of short track speed skating.Some of the “one-man delegations” in the procession became a special sight.”Participating in the Winter Olympics has been my dream since I was a kid.”Flag-bearer Sarah Escobar, the only athlete in the Ecuadorian delegation who celebrated her 20th birthday on the first day of the Chinese New Year, couldn’t hide her excitement.”Thank You China for making my dream come true!”The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open its doors to all athletes from participating countries and regions with respect and courtesy.In Beijing, Saudi Arabia and Haiti competed in the Winter Olympics for the first time, and American Samoa returned to the Games after 28 years.The Olympic motto “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United” is once again interpreted by the athletes in the frame with the “Ice and Snow five rings”.These images will be engraved in the annals of Olympic history as iconic moments of the Olympic spirit.As Ioc President Thomas Bach said, “In today’s world, especially in the face of the pandemic, only greater solidarity can solve problems together.”When the host Chinese delegation entered the stadium, the well-known song “Ode to the Motherland” was played, and the audience was jubilant.Flag bearer Gao Tingyu and Zhao Dan held the flag together. The Chinese athletes walked confidently and waved to the audience from time to time.At this Winter Olympic Games, the Chinese sports delegation participated in 7 sports and 15 sub-sports, making a historical breakthrough.There were 177 athletes, the most in history.The average age is about 25 years old, showing vigor and vitality.The Chinese athletes are ready to fight for honor and glory and strive towards the goal of “achieving the best performance in the history of China’s Winter Olympic Games”.The parade models danced and wore masks with the word “Welcome” printed in Both Chinese and English, sending special greetings to all participants against the backdrop of the global epidemic.After the entrance, all the guides hold up the snowflake guide board and interact with the light and shadow on the ground through dancing.Under the witness of the five rings, the snowflakes on the ground with the names of the delegations gathered together and slowly rose in the center of the stage a large snowflake with an olive branch pattern.”The world is one, the world is one.”At this moment, people all over the world break barriers, abandon prejudice, “together to the future” under the glory of the five rings.This moment will surely go down as a glorious chapter in the history of the Olympics.Source: Xinhua